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In-depth stainless steel processing industry in our lives

by:Topson     2022-11-07
The coloring process of stainless steel sheet is going deep into all fields of life, decoration and beautification, greatly improving the grade of stainless steel products. However, its coloring and decoration process is mainly to paint or electroplating on the surface of stainless steel, and there are the following defects, which are not wear-resistant, easy to fall off, and affect the appearance; electroplating is the use of electrochemistry to chemically change the surface of stainless steel to generate a Micro-layer colored oxide, single coloring.

To this end, the purpose of Foshan Stainless Steel Processing Co., Ltd. is to provide a stainless steel product that can be colorful and changeable in coloring and decoration, and can never be wiped off. By adopting the technical scheme, the surface of the stainless steel product can be made into a pattern of pre-fabricated stainless steel decals, which are colorful and cannot be wiped off permanently. Improve the decoration grade of stainless steel products and beautify stainless steel products.

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