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Imitation stainless steel processing sanitary partition board

by:Topson     2022-11-19

The bathrooms in high-end hotels and restaurants in the current technology often use stainless steel processed products to make walls, wall skirts or partitions. Although there are composite panels that can meet the requirements in all aspects, the price is proportional to the high cost of raw materials and manufacturing. Although it has good texture and beautiful appearance, its disadvantage is that it is expensive and inconvenient to process, especially when it is very difficult to cut. Also, when cleaning, after cleaning personnel wipe with a wet rag or water, the stainless steel will be damaged. Leaving water stains and being difficult to take care of is a problem that people hope to solve.

Imitation stainless steel sanitary partition is a sanitary partition that is easy to process, wipe and care Low product is extremely conducive to widespread application.

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