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If stainless steel plate processing has no user value, how to talk about commercial value

by:Topson     2022-10-07

If stainless steel plate processing has no user value, how to talk about commercial value

Today, the value of stainless steel plate processing products has become the standard to measure the success of the product, and the business model determines what kind of value the product has. A company with a successful business model is like a warrior with a shawl and armour ready to go.

What is a business model? In fact, the business model is what kind of product you can provide, what kind of value you create for users, and what kind of business value you gain in the process of creating user value. In the compressor industry, when it comes to business models, many people think about how much money they can make in the next few years, thinking that business models are the way to make money. They do not know that the core of a business model is the product, and the essence is to create value for users through the product.

For a long time, many stainless steel plate processing enterprises have been competing with the direct selling method and the agency method in the sales behavior they are engaged in. In the past two years, the direct selling model has emerged and has gradually become popular and applied. Its essence is to A kind of respect and reflection of user value. First of all, this is a sales model that manufacturers are very responsible for and a model that is very conducive to building timely and perfect after-sales service. Secondly, this is also in line with the buying habits of Chinese people, 'I buy your things, you have to have a store, if you don't have a store, I always feel at ease when I buy your things.' In the past few years, the tile cutting machine industry used this kind of agency model, and there would be no store without a store. The intuitive sales models such as 'offices' and 'points of sale' that have stood out in recent years are undoubtedly a good sign. The reason is very simple. Under this sales model, the user experience becomes much more intuitive and friendly. Just because it is the embodiment of user value, its commercial value is also increased accordingly.

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