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how to update kitchen appliances cheaply

by:Topson     2020-06-19
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The front of the appliance is the most eye-catching front of you and your family.
Old appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers and toasters can be worn with age.
From the things that hit them, small dents may appear in the finish.
Some light or white surfaces become dim or yellow.
Colored food and drinks spilled near the electrical appliance can stain the surface of the appliance;
Especially if the food or drink is as dark as a pie filling or powder drink mixture.
If your appliances don\'t look fresh for any reason and don\'t have much cleaning help, you can re-face them yourself in a very short time with very few tools.
Stainless steel Reply
Face is available at a nominal cost, transforming your appliance into a shiny new updated version, and saving the cost of buying a new appliance while your old one is still working. Re-
Open the door of the dishwasher in the face of the dishwasher until it stands still at the first stop.
This stop when the door is half open.
Observe the screws that contain the face in the decoration.
Insert the screwdriver into each screwdriver and turn them counter-clockwise to remove each screw on the left and right sides of the door.
Place the screws in a cup or glass to hold the screws for later use.
Stand directly in front of the dishwasher and place a hand near the middle on both sides of the face.
Push your face to the right with two hands and slide it out of the dishwasher.
Place the old dishwasher surface near the top of the stainless steel surface.
Draw a line on the edge of the old front and the new front with a carpenter\'s pencil.
Remove the surface of the old dishwasher and cut along a straight line with scissors.
The stainless steel is facing up and the protective glue is backed up.
Peel off the backing and slide the stainless steel facing the front of the dishwasher.
Press the back glue on the dishwasher door.
Replace the decor on the dishwasher and insert the screws in each hole.
Turn the screw clockwise with a screwdriver to fix the trim and surface in place. Re-
Facing the refrigerator, place a small piece of frozen tape at the top of the small apartment
Insert the pad tip under the refrigerator handle and pry the handle away from the refrigerator.
The tape is padded at the tip of the driver so that it doesn\'t leave a mark on your device.
Remove the screws that the refrigerator handles on the door.
Pull the handle down directly from the door and put it aside.
Re-install a stainless steel
Facing the door.
Place a few pieces of frozen tape at the top of the door to secure the sheets in place. Bend the re-
Facing the door covers the side, top and bottom and leaves a gap in the steel.
Remove the tape and re-
Face and cut along dents with scissors.
Peel the sticky backing off the paper, align it on the door and press it in place. Re-
Connect the refrigerator door handle with screws and press the protective handle cover back to the top of the handle.
Step back and enjoy your shiny new appliances.
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