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How to Plating Stainless Steel Decorative Color Plate

by:Topson     2022-04-11

There are three commonly used color plating methods for stainless steel decorative color plates

1 Vacuum plating

Process: under vacuum environment, specific temperature, specific time color plating

Features: Environmental protection, excellent metal texture, long-lasting bright color

Conventional plating colors: black titanium (ordinary black), titanium gold, large gold, champagne gold, rose gold, yellow bronze, wine Red, brown, brown, sapphire blue, emerald green, 7 colors, etc.

2 water plating

Process: color plating in a specific solution

Features: not enough Environmental protection, limited color plating

Regular plating colors: black titanium (black), green bronze, red bronze, etc.

3 nano-color oil

Technology: The surface is colored with nano-color oil, similar to painting on the surface


1) Almost any color can be plated

2) It can be real copper The color of the bottom

3) After the color oil, it comes with no fingerprint protection

4) The metal texture is slightly poor

5) The surface texture is covered to a certain extent

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