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How to make color stainless steel plate?

by:Topson     2022-03-19

How to make color stainless steel plate?

Although the stainless steel plate can be plated with various colors, the disadvantage is that the color of the stainless steel plate is single; the second is to use the titanium removal process to make the pattern, and the color of the pattern is the natural color of the stainless steel. What if the pattern has many colors? Now we use the method of stainless steel color inkjet printing. Many stainless steel cabinets and bathroom cabinets basically use this color inkjet printing method. The effect is bright and bright, with various colors, which are very eye-catching. So, how does stainless steel color inkjet printing work? Its principle is very simple, like a printing press, but instead of paper, it prints a stainless steel plate; the process is roughly like this: first, the graphics are made and processed in the computer, and then the ink is sprayed on the stainless steel plate. It is dried at high temperature, and then coated with a layer of fingerprint-free oil; its process characteristics are:

1. It can be cut, bent, and slotted, which does not affect its performance, but it is not resistant to high temperature, so it cannot be welded.

2. Its corrosion resistance is better than that of ordinary stainless steel plates, and it can usually guarantee that it will not change color for 10 years, and the shell will not change color.

3. The colors are bright and can be produced in any color and any pattern.

4. The price is relatively not very expensive, which is very suitable for mass consumers. For general decorative boards, we use 0.51201 normal materials to make them according to the thickness requirements of customers, but we must require the use of normal materials. In order to ensure the quality of the color stainless steel plate.

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