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How to Make a Stove Look Like It\'s Stainless Steel

by:Topson     2020-06-15
Stainless steel appliances provide a clean and upscale look in any kitchen theme.A real stainless steel stove is more expensive than a traditional ceramic stoveCoated ordinary steel.However, you can see the appearance of stainless steel on any stove, and it will cost only one type called high-Stainless steel painting temperature.Unplug the stove and pull it out of the wall if applicable.Put the stove in the middle of the room if possible.Remove all burner elements and burner pans.Put them aside.Wash the stove with an abrasive plate with soap dish aqueous solution-washing sponge.Rub vigorously and let the grinding sponge scratch the surface slightly.These scratches give the paint a better adhesion.The stove must be very clean if there is grease build upWith something that can\'t be removed with soap, wash with a skim, wash with your liquid, rinse with clear water.Let the washed surface dry completely.Spread a drop of cloth on the floor and cover it on a nearby appliance.If you have a built-inIn the stove, adjacent counters and cabinets are covered.Cover the control panel and any other part of the stove with the painter\'s tape.Open the window before spraying to provide proper ventilation.To help ventilate, put a fan in the window that blows out.Fire the stove with a metal primer.Shake the can thoroughly and mix the contents of the can completely.Keep the jar about 12 inch away from the surface and start spraying.Spray a light coating when moving the spray hand side to the other side.Do not stop moving the jar or it may cause dripping water.Spray one side first and let it dry when moving to the other side and top.It is better to spray many lighter coats to cover the original finish and then try to cover it with a heavy coat.Spray on the top of the high gangTemperature stainless steel paint.Use many light colored coats to cover the surface and always keep your hands moving from one side to the other.The approximate distance between the nozzle and the furnace is about 12 inch.Before adding another coat, let each successive coat dry.
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