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How to judge the quality of colored stainless steel pipes?

by:Topson     2022-04-25

With the increasing application of color stainless steel pipes, China has formulated a set of quality evaluation standards for color stainless steel pipes. You can buy according to this.

1. Determine the material of the colored stainless steel pipe. This can be judged by the test solution. Because the commonly used color stainless steel pipe materials on the market are 201, 304, 316L and other types of stainless steel pipes, all of which are vacuum electroplated. The material with better corrosion resistance is 316L, and the material with poor corrosion resistance is 201. Also, their prices vary widely, so many commercial and household materials replace 304 and 316L with 201. Therefore, the color of the stainless steel pipe should be determined during the procurement process.

2. Judge the surface of the colored stainless steel pipe.

Since colored stainless steel pipes are mainly used in architectural decoration projects, their surface decoration is particularly important. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check and observe the surface when purchasing, whether there are defects such as color difference, uniform coloring, good color, scratches, blisters, peeling water marks, etc. between the tubes. Especially like titanium, the surface has a mirror effect. If the quality is good, there should be no grinding head flowers and horseshoe prints on the surface, and the brightness is high. Of course, the price will be higher.

3. See the coloring of colored stainless steel. When purchasing stainless steel decorative materials, it is difficult to identify the quality of stainless steel decorative materials with a professional eye.

Compared with the vacuum coating coloring process, the difference is that the vacuum coating has greater adhesion to the surface of the workpiece, higher hardness of the film, better wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and more stable performance of the film. Such as titanium stainless steel. The gold finish of the titanium coating gives the impression that the spray vacuum coating will not produce toxic or polluting substances. Compared with vacuum ion plating, the color is not so pure and there will be shelling, but the price is much cheaper than vacuum ion plating.

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