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How to install the baseboards of stainless steel cabinets!

by:Topson     2022-05-07

When cooking and washing dishes at home, there will always be water spilled on the kitchen floor. There is a pool of water on the ground, which will fall down if you carelessly. You must use a mop to clean it. The key is that the cabinets are basically wooden. Yes, if this has always been the case, the bottom of the cabinet must be damaged. How can we prevent this situation? Stainless steel cabinets are equipped with stainless steel baseboards, so what will happen to the cabinet’s stainless steel baseboards?

Cabinet skirting is also called cabinet baffle. It generally exists at the bottom of the cabinet. Although the skirting is small, it has a great effect:

Kitchen cabinet skirting

1. Protectiveness: The cabinet baseboard is an important part connecting the cabinet and the ground. It protects the cabinet from damage caused by the impact of external force to a certain extent, thereby prolonging the service life of the cabinet.

2. Aesthetics: The cabinet skirting can play a visual buffer and balance function, so that a perfect visual effect can be achieved between the cabinet and the ground.

Functionality: an important function of the cabinet skirting line is to prevent sewage and oil from flowing into the bottom of the cabinet to prevent bacteria from breeding And cockroaches, it can also effectively block dust and garbage.

There are several major functions of the cabinet anchor line. The cabinet anchor line is a transitional part connecting the ground and the cabinet. With it, it can protect the whole cabinet from damage caused by the collision of external forces to a large extent. The cabinet is firmly integrated with the ground. Since the kitchen is relatively humid, the cabinet skirting can effectively prevent the water from the ground from flowing to the bottom of the cabinet, so that the bottom of the cabinet will not be corroded by water and prolong the service life of the cabinet. It can also play a role in visual balance, giving the cabinets an aesthetic effect, using their colors and lines to echo the cabinets.

How to install the skirting to make it look more beautiful?

The color of the skirting line can be as consistent as possible with the cabinet, which can make the space appear more integrated, and there is no color difference. Especially suitable for small spaces.

How to locate the height of the cabinet skirting line, you need to refer to the height of the entire cabinet and the countertop, because the cabinet skirting line is an accessory after all and belongs to the set-off product, and its height specification depends largely on the cabinet. The height of the body and the countertop.

Generally, the height of the countertop of the general cabinet will not exceed 100cm, and the height of about 85cm is the mainstream specification. The floor cabinet needs to leave enough storage space, generally the height is 70-80cm, so as to leave the skirting line The height is positioned at about 10cm. The sum of the two heights will not exceed the above table height, which is also a relatively suitable height, which isolates direct contact with the ground and has the effect of moisture-proof and dust-proof. At the same time, it can avoid the friction between the cabinet door and the ground when the cabinet door is opened and closed, which will cause the cabinet door to wear.

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