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How to implement three cards in safe production of stainless steel plate processing

by:Topson     2022-12-09

How to implement three cards in safe production of stainless steel plate processing

As a stainless steel plate processing enterprise, it adheres to the work policy of 'safety first and prevention first', and according to the actual situation of its own stainless steel plate processing industry, actively adopts new methods and new ways to strengthen safety production management, and pays close attention to safety. The production inspection and prevention work has maintained safe and stable operation for many years.

Standard card. Follow the procedure step by step. In the daily inspection, all front-line operators are always required to refine the operation of various dangerous links according to the standards and specifications when the operation is involved, and control the hidden dangers in time. And for the existing problems, according to the suggestions of foreign experts, the principle of who will follow up, who will be responsible, and who will solve the problem will be implemented from the date of inspection until the problem is solved.

Active card. Safety production responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai. 'The main body of safety production is the enterprise, and the enterprise should enhance the awareness of the main responsibility and turn the passive into the active.' In order to improve the safety awareness of employees, the company publishes hidden dangers to various departments in a timely manner through the company's intranet, reminding everyone to pay attention to hidden dangers and prevent them from being careless.

Education sign. In the process of safety production education, various forms are adopted, and the basic starting point is 'caring for people, understanding people, respecting people, and caring for people', and invites experts to train and watch safety education videos. The company insists on strictly carrying out three-level safety education for new employees, and also implements safety training once a month for old employees. Through education and training, the foundation of factory safety production management has been improved, and the safety production awareness of production operators has been improved. In addition, everyone from the company's first-in-command to every grass-roots employee must sign a 'safety production responsibility letter' to clarify their responsibilities.

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