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How to Give a Stainless Steel Appearance to an Appliance

by:Topson     2020-06-15
If you like the appearance of stainless steel appliances, but you can\'t afford the appliances in the kitchen, you can change their appearance without buying new appliances.There are two simple and cheap ways to update the look of the kitchen, give new life to old rusty appliances, or just bring more modern equipment, industry looks like one of the busiest rooms in your home.Changing the appearance does not change the performance of the appliance.Clean the appliance with 1 ammonia and 1 water.Let it dry.Tape off areas that should not be painted with the painter\'s tape, such as handles, buttons, and glass.For the refrigerator, place the tape on the inside of the rubber insulating strip on the door.You can paint the side of the insulation but can\'t paint it to touch the front of the refrigerator.Stir the paint and pour some into the paint tray.Roll the foam paint roller in the paint to remove the excess paint on the top of the paint tray.Open the appliance door, paint the edge of the door and the area on which the appliance body meets.Roll the paint to the rest of the equipment.You don\'t need to paint the whole device, just the parts you can see.Wipe the entire surface with a large foam scraper.Pull the foam scraper down, remove the bubbles in the paint and level the surface.Move in the same direction across the device.Add a layer of stainless steel paint and then scratch it with foam.This time, starting with the first coat, pull the scraper in the opposite direction.For example, if you pull down the front of the appliance first, start at the bottom, and then go up to the second coat.Let the paint dry completely.Clean the roller and tray with water and fill the tray with clear watercoat sealer.Roll the sealer onto the device to cover each painted part.Let it dry.Measure the size of the device, purchase stainless steel contact paper large enough to cover the front or side of the device in one piece.Use a tool knife to cut contact paper 1 inch larger than the surface of the appliance on all sides.Clean the surface of the appliance thoroughly with mild detergent and water.Wipe the surface with a sponge stained with clear water.This eliminates detergent residue and helps glue to adhere.Keep the sponge handy when you apply contact paper to keep the surface moist.Peel the adhesive backing off the side of the contact paper.Press the exposed adhesive on the edge of the appliance and smooth it by hand to remove the bubbles.When you peel off more backing, continue to press the contact paper on the appliance.Work in a small area to prevent the accumulation or wrinkle of contact paper.Before pressing the contact paper in place, wipe each area with a damp cloth.Cut a diagonal slit in each corner, then fold one side of the slit to the corner of the appliance.Fold the other side on the first side and overlap on the corner to form a sharp edge.Slide the plastic scraper outward from the center of the appliance to the edges in all directions to remove the bubbles and help the contact paper to attach tightly to the surface of the appliance.Cut off the extra paper with a tool knife.
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