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How to distinguish the quality of color stainless steel plate?

by:Topson     2022-08-25

As the price of colored stainless steel plate becomes more and more affordable, the application is more and more extensive. There are many mismanagement and shoddy behaviors in the market. This not only damages the interests of the majority of owners, but also destroys the entire stainless steel decorative plate market environment. The following Topson mainly explain to you how to identify the quality of color stainless steel plate?

Quality identification method of color stainless steel plate. Mainly from the following three angles.

First look at the material:

The commonly used materials for color stainless steel plates are 304 ordinary material, 304 calendered material, 201 ordinary material, and 201 calendered material.

Among them, 304 has higher corrosion resistance than 201, and the real material is smoother and brighter than the rolled material. Due to the large price difference, many merchants use shoddy products, use calendered materials to pretend to be materials, and use 201 to pretend to be 304. Colored stainless steel sheets that have been used by users for several months begin to fade, rust and even break.

So the first thing we have to do when inspecting the goods is to check whether the material of the plate is what you specified.

201 and 304 can be used to detect the drug resolution, and the material and rolled material are mainly distinguished by observing the quality of the panel, the material is uniform, the surface is smooth and smooth, the color and luster are high, the brightness, the whole plate, the thickness, and the rolling material. Black, uneven color, often with peeling defects such as black or stripes, wheel punching, back sand holes, water spots, etc., the thickness difference of the plate can reach 2-3 wires.

However, with the improvement of production technology and craftsmanship in many large-scale calendering plants, the gap between genuine and calendered materials is gradually narrowing, and some imitation genuine plates can even be fake, requiring experienced professionals to distinguish them.

Take a look at the effect:

The color stainless steel plate is mainly used for decoration, and the ornamental and decorative requirements of the plate are very high.

When inspecting the goods, be sure to check and observe carefully. The stainless steel plate with good color should have no obvious color under direct sunlight, and the whole batch of plates should have no color.

The color is uniform, the color is good, no scratches, no bending and fading. The surface of the mirror panel should be free of grinding head flowers and horseshoe prints, with high brightness.

Of course, usually the better the quality of the board, the higher the price. For the less demanding decorative field, you can also reduce the required board and choose a more economical and more affordable decorative board.

Then tear off the film:

The color stainless steel plate will be pasted with a protective film before leaving the factory.

Many unsalable boards are kept in the warehouse for a long time, and the protective film is powdered and not easy to tear.

Even if it is a transparent film, it is necessary to tear off a large piece during inspection to see the quality of the film. If you need to cut and bend it later, you should first use a protective film above 6C to avoid scratching the surface.

After the color stainless steel plate is installed, the film layer should be torn off as soon as possible, and the surface should be coated with glue. Especially suitable for outdoor decoration, the protective film should be torn off immediately after construction to avoid direct sunlight.

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