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How to distinguish the quality of color stainless steel plate?

by:Topson     2022-08-24

1. Let's look at the material first

Commonly used materials for color stainless steel plates are 304 common material, 304 rolled material, 201 common material and 201 rolled material. Among them, 304 has higher corrosion resistance than 201, and ordinary materials are smoother and brighter than calendered materials. Due to the large price difference, many merchants use shoddy materials and use calendered materials as ordinary materials, and 201 as 304. As a result, the color stainless steel plate begins to fade, rust or even break after a few months of use.

Therefore, when we inspect the goods, we must first carefully verify whether the material of the plate meets your requirements.

2. Look at the effect again

Colored stainless steel sheets are mainly used in the field of decoration, and the decorative and decorative requirements of the surface of the sheet are relatively high. When inspecting the goods, we must check and observe carefully. The stainless steel sheet with good color should have no visible chromatic aberration under direct sunlight, no chromatic aberration in the whole batch, uniform coloring and good color. The surface of the stainless steel plate mirror panel with good color should also be free of grinding head flowers and horseshoe patterns, with high brightness and no scratches, bends and fading.

3. Tear the film after Z

The color stainless steel plate is pasted with a protective film before leaving the factory. Many slow-moving boards have been stored in warehouses for a long time. The protective film is powdery and difficult to tear. Or after tearing, there is a lot of glue on the surface of the board.

After the color stainless steel plate is installed, the film should be removed and glued as soon as possible. Especially for outdoor decoration, due to direct sunlight, tear off the protective film immediately after construction.

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