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How to decorate stainless steel mirror panel to achieve better effect

by:Topson     2022-10-19
Among the decorative materials, stainless steel decorative panels have the best durability than other decorative materials such as glass and stone. Stainless steel decorative panels can be divided into mirror panels, frosted panels and brushed panels according to the surface technology.

Among them, the brightness of the mirror panel is better, which can greatly improve the brightness of the indoor light, and the overall effect is excellent. Colored stainless steel mirror panels are now widely used in top hotel decoration applications and become the preferred decorative materials for many top hotels. The mirror effect of the mirror panel makes it better to show the overall space of the hotel lobby. After the golden stainless steel checkered plate is applied, the whole hotel lobby can highlight the nobility, thereby improving the grade visually. In the narrow corridors, corridors and other places, the two sides are decorated with mirror stainless steel materials, so that the originally narrow places can be enlarged by the principle of mirror surface to achieve better results.

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