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how to clean stainless steel

by:Topson     2020-07-22
I have a lot of people calling to ask me how to clean the stainless steel.
My answer is that it is not difficult.
However, I asked this basic question before I told them how to clean it;
Is it food preparation?
Assuming that the stainless steel is in good condition, it is only necessary to clean and not restore the following procedures to maintain the good shape and appearance of the stainless steel.
Once I know the answer to the question, I can tell them how to clean the stainless steel.
First of all, I will cover it up as if it were a food preparation area or a food service area.
I suggest citrus.
Based on the safety of food services and approved skim agent.
You can find these at the cleaning or restaurant supply company or online.
First, according to the instructions on the label, remove the grease accumulated in the kitchen grease, food and fat with a skim.
Once this is done, there is liquid or aerosol to clean the skim and polish the stainless steel.
I prefer aerosol because they are easier to use.
Use a stainless steel cleaner, use circular motion, and then finish wipe along the direction of the throwing light.
The last step in cleaning stainless steel in the food preparation area is to use a disinfectant approved by the food service to wipe or spray on all surfaces in contact with the food.
This will ensure that there are no reagents on the surface that are not suitable for human consumption.
For cleaning stainless steel that is not in the food service area, the process is the same, except that the product does not have to be regulated as the product used in these areas.
Cleaning stainless steel is not a huge task, as you can see from the process, it is quite easy to keep clean and shiny surfaces.
As with any cleaning chemicals, you should make sure to follow the instructions for each product listed on the label to ensure proper cleaning.
These suggestions are based on my more than five years of experience in the cleaning services supply industry.
While there may be other approaches, I find this to give the best results.
Now you know how to clean stainless steel.
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