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How to clean and maintain stainless steel honeycomb panels

by:Topson     2022-08-25

Stainless steel honeycomb panel is a kind of porous panel. It has the advantages of stable structure, low material consumption, wide coverage, high strength and light structure. The honeycomb core is connected with the hexahedral cylinder, which resembles countless I-beams. The core layer is distributed and fixed on the entire board surface, making the board more stable and more resistant to bending and compression, and its compression risk is much higher than that of ordinary double-layer hollow-core boards.

Maintenance and cleaning of honeycomb panels

According to the correct steps, the stainless steel honeycomb panel manufacturer can regularly clean the panel with suitable cleaning solvents and tools to make the panel beautiful and prolong the service life of the panel.

1. Rinse with clean water (below 60℃)

2. Use a clean soft cloth or sponge dipped in neutral soap or detergent to clean the dust and dirt on the board. Do not touch the board surface with coarse fabrics or brushes. Do not scrape the surface with scrapers, razors or other sharp tools

3. Rinse with water again

4. If there is grease, wet paint or glue marks on the board surface, it can be wiped clean with a soft cloth dipped in anhydrous alcohol

5. After cleaning, rinse with cold water, then dry the plate with a soft cloth to prevent water spots

Stainless Steel Honeycomb Panel Manufacturer Honeycomb panel is a sheet with honeycomb structure geometry. Honeycomb structure is the basic structure of honeycomb panels. This structure can produce lighter products with less raw materials, obtain a better weight-to-strength ratio, and greatly reduce product costs.

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