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How to choose the color matching of stainless steel plate

by:Topson     2022-05-20
First of all, everyone's personality, age, and occupation are different, and the functions and understanding requirements of the room are different. In addition to using stainless steel panels to decorate walls, curtains, balconies, ceilings, and other decorations on home facades are often considered. Contrast and contrast colors. Therefore, when choosing which color to use, you should have specific consideration and imagination for your future home decor. 2. The impact of space environment It is also important to consider which color stainless steel plate color decoration to use. For example, the location and surrounding environment of the living room, as well as the function, orientation, and personal preference of Feng Shui, etc., in the formation of color stainless steel plate products, how to achieve the preemptive effect will not have unnecessary trouble. 3. Room decoration For the decoration of the living room, the space is not very large, so try not to have too many colors to determine the best color stainless steel plate color for those who have the best vision in the field of vision; the second The color is the secondary color that will complement the main color, it will be simple and clear. The secondary color matches the primary color as closely as possible, including hue, lightness, and chroma. Decorated with colorful stainless steel panels on the wall, supplemented by other furniture and other parts, it can play a finishing touch to the decoration of the entire living room.
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