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How to choose and install the color stainless steel plate?

by:Topson     2022-08-11

Nowadays, many commercial buildings, shopping centers and other places gradually like to use more colorful stainless steel plates as decorative materials. The colored stainless steel plate is not only dazzling in appearance, but also corrosion-resistant and durable.

Colored stainless steel elevator panels are used to directly decorate elevator interiors with mirror panels or drawing panels. While they are also durable, their relatively simple appearance and color make them unsuitable for public aesthetic pursuits. Therefore, in many places, when choosing the interior decoration of the elevator car, they usually tend to use colored stainless steel plates and mix various processes; for example, in order to appear more elegant and noble, they also choose titanium black, titanium gold, bronze, etc. ; Titanium composite plates, such as gold mirror etching plates and titanium black brushed etching plates, are very popular as decorative materials.

Colored stainless steel stair slabs are used as decorative panels. When installing, it is glued to the cold-rolled steel plate of the inner bottom plate with super glue, and then folded into a composite door panel. Before installation, the cold-rolled steel bottom plate and stainless steel plate should be cut off according to the door panel size designed by the elevator. Then, cut the curved part of the cutting substrate into a V shape with a groove of about 0.3mm. There will be a lot of debris or rust on the stainless steel surface of the tank. Phosphating to remove surface grease and rust, then glue; when the film dries naturally until it doesn't stick to your hands, stick the two pieces together. The panels are bent together, and the accessories and door panel reinforcements are glued together; in order not to affect the appearance of the elevator, the entire door panel is welded and reinforced, and then the inner surface of the bottom plate is painted to complete the elevator installation.

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