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How to Apply Stainless Steel Contact Paper to Your Fridge

by:Topson     2020-08-22
One of the quickest and easiest ways to update the kitchen is to put a new face on the kitchen.For decades, contact paper has been used as a shelf liner for the kitchen and is also a quick and easy way to re-decorate tables, walls and other surfaces.Advances in technology have brought a new generation of contact paper with instantRecognizable bright patterns and vinyl solids from the past.Stainless steel contact paper looks like it\'s true, but the cost is only a fraction.Remove the handle of the refrigerator if possible.Use a sponge immersed in a mixture of warm water and skim detergent or dishwashing detergent to clean all surfaces of the refrigerator you intend to cover.Thoroughly dry the refrigerator using spread cloth or water absorbent, lintfree towels.Measure the refrigerator from top to bottom.Pay attention to measurement.Measure from one side to the other and note the measurement results.If you intend to cover the door, make sure to measure the edge of the door.If you are doing side work, cut a contact sheet large enough to cover one side of the refrigerator.Since they are completely smooth, it is easier to practice on these.Peel off the top of the paper backing and align the top of the contact paper with the top of the refrigerator.Slide it down with your hand.Continue to peel the paper down from behind the contact paper.Make sure the paper is flat.From the top, gently sweep out any bubbles with a scraper.Apply the stainless steel contact paper on the other side and front in the same way.Use a tool knife to cut around the beverage dispenser or handle that cannot be removed in front of the refrigerator.In order to avoid tearing the contact paper, please do it slowly.Use the ice pick to poke at the screw hole of the handle to contact the hole on the paper.Reconnect the handle.
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