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How should we choose high quality stainless steel decorative color plate

by:Topson     2022-03-20

Stainless steel decorative color plate is an environmentally friendly decorative material, with strong corrosion resistance, color surface layer will not fade for a long time, and the color will change with different lighting angles!

Characteristics of stainless steel decorative color plate?

Among the commonly used primary color stainless steels, austenitic stainless steel is the most suitable coloring material, not only the color appearance is satisfactory, but also the corrosion resistance and bending The performance is also very good!

1. Good corrosion resistance, not easy to change color:

Stainless steel decorative color plate wire drawing board, the color surface layer can withstand the temperature of 200 ℃, and the salt spray corrosion resistance is better than ordinary stainless steel! Exposure to industrial atmosphere for 6 years, exposure to coastal environment for 1.5 years, immersion in boiling water for 28 days, or heating to about 300 ℃, no change in color gloss.

2. Good bending performance

In addition, it can also withstand general molding, drawing and bending. When bent 90 degrees, the colored layer will not be damaged!

It can be used for decoration projects such as hall wall panels, ceilings, elevator car panels, car panels, building decoration, signboards, etc. Stainless steel decorative color panels are generally used for decorative walls. Stainless steel decorative color plate is getting more and more popular!

How to choose high quality stainless steel decorative color plate?

In recent years, many merchants have shoddy materials, or use water-plating coloring process instead of vacuum ion-plating coloring process! It does not take long for the stainless steel color plate to appear leg-colored, rusted or even broken!

1. Use water to detect the material

First of all, special attention should be paid to: color steel is not stainless steel decorative color plate, color steel refers to color-coated steel plate, which is a kind of organic coating. The price of steel plate is cheaper than that of stainless steel color plate, but the service life of color steel is only about 3 years, while the service life of stainless steel color plate is longer!

The commonly used materials for stainless steel color plates in the market are 201, 304, and 316, among which the corrosion resistance is also 304 stronger than 201, and 316 stronger than 304! At the time of purchase, the potion can be distinguished by spectral testing!

2. Surface coloring process

Water plating coloring process: water plating coloring is only obtained by soaking in chemical potions. Compared with vacuum ion plating, the color is not so pure and will The phenomenon of shelling appears, giving people the feeling that it is just sprayed on! And it will produce waste pollution, but the price is much cheaper than vacuum plating.

Vacuum plating and coloring process: The adhesion between the vacuum plating film and the surface of the workpiece is greater, the hardness of the film is higher, the wear resistance and corrosion resistance are better, and the performance of the film is more stable! No toxic or polluting substances are produced!

3. Observe the metal surface

When inspecting the goods, it is necessary to carefully inspect and observe the surface, whether there is color difference, whether the coloring is uniform, whether the color is good, whether there are scratches, sand holes, Blemishes such as peeling water marks. Especially the titanium plate, the surface is mirror effect, if the quality is good, the surface should be free of grinding head flowers and horseshoe prints, and the brightness is high!

4. Quality of the film

After the stainless steel decorative color board is processed, a layer of protective film should be attached to the surface. This layer of film can ensure that the surface finish is not polluted. It is to prevent scratches from hard objects. However, if the poor-quality protective film is left for a long time, it will become powdered, and it will be difficult to tear it apart. After tearing it off, a lot of glue sticks to the surface, and the surface is not only ugly but also difficult to clean!

When inspecting the goods, you can tear off a relatively large area to see the quality of the film; after the project installation (especially the outdoor decoration project) is completed, immediately tear off the film!

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