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how open can your kitchen be?

by:Topson     2020-07-01
Electrolux recently launched its built-in
In the kitchen appliances range in India, through the grand interior of the dealer (New Delhi)
And Nestle home appliances (Banglaore).
Kitchen design is now a collection of revolutionary ideas from around the world.
Electrolux offers international-renowned home appliances to cater to Indians who want to expand their space and in its clever links --
Design ideas are also provided by distributors.
Buyers can visualize and plan their products.
Nestlinks has a design team that helps these people.
Recently, Laura Ashton (
President of Electrolux Major electrical companiesIndia)
And Pernilla Johnson (
Electrolux Design Director, Asia Pacific)
See their comprehensive culinary and laundry equipment collection take off in India and urge Indian designers to share international trends.
Laura Ashton said, \"when designing a product, we consider not only the appliances, but also the entire kitchen.
Electrolux also brought new ideas for outdoor/BBQ and talked about the design prospect of installing laundry equipment comfortably in the kitchen module.
Laura explained the company\'s design features for specific environments.
Electrolux High School
Electric range hoods can absorb smoke from India\'s Malas neatly, while our tropical refrigerators have compressors to handle high temperatures.
\"Starting with the vacuum cleaner company, which was established in Sweden in 1919, Electrolux has a product today --
Design director working with designers representing Latin American food cultureS.
Italy, Australia, Singapore and Asia Pacific.
Milan Eurocucina (world-
Famous kitchen fair)
See Electrolux celebrate its 90 {+t}{+h}year last year.
Design expert Pernilla Johansson spoke with Property Plus in Bangalore to share the chef\'s latest insights on kitchen design and evolution
Space planning with the right appliances. . . Question: comment on the indoor and outdoor aesthetics of kitchen appliances from the perspective of ergonomics and design decoration . . . . . . Pernilla: the strongest driver of kitchen design today is open
Planning integration.
The design of the modern kitchen is integrated with our new living space, and we often pursue a clean, simple and neat aesthetic. The built-
In the kitchen, the new hidden has a new meaning.
Use the away function of hi-
Electric cabinet, low
Technical slider and simple lid.
Driven by the LED explosion, the lamp is another major trend
Based on the light source.
Light solution features, environment, intelligence, and built-in-
Drawers, cabinets and countertops.
Overall, we can see a high level of attention to the process, material quality and details.
Horizontal lines play an important role in perfectly balancing the kitchen design by choosing appliances.
The black glass is very eye-catching as it has a huge \"hidden ability\" that blends perfectly with the interior of any modern kitchen.
Electrolux has recently introduced the umwood series, the versatility of black glass enables the series to blend seamlessly with dark stone surfaces and in stark contrast to color, white and stainless steel.
The outdoor space presents a new form through seamless integration inside and outside.
The barbecue is becoming an integral part of the outdoor kitchen, both for socializing and for keeping the smell indoors.
Electrolux Barbecue grill was launched in Australia last year, aiming to make chefs the focus of attention.
Through our research, we have observed that chefs rarely have a chance to socialize and turn their backs to parties most of the time.
By simply lowering the hood, adding high quality wheels and extended side tables, we create a different solution that adds a surprise to any modern outdoor space.
Your interaction with 140-
Electrolux global design, a 140 multi-functional multicultural professional, is committed to transforming global brand strategies into different regions.
The team is located in six locations using regional consumer insights throughout the product development process.
It\'s all about defining the relevant features to solve the problem and making sure it\'s easy for the consumer to complete the task.
This is also to ensure that the user is not only satisfied, but also satisfied. (080-
65365111/222-info @ nestlinks. com)
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