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How many styles of stainless steel cabinets are there?

by:Topson     2021-09-13

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life, many people are particularly particular about the layout of the kitchen, so the appearance of stainless steel kitchen cabinets meets the requirements of most people. According to the different room types of users, stainless steel kitchen cabinets can be divided into different styles. Due to the different types of houses, the kitchen design is also different. The styles of the kitchen cabinets are small, and the kitchen cabinet styles are designed in a line or L shape, and the house type is relatively large or villa type. The design is U-shaped or Nakajima-style, and some special apartment types may be designed as aisle-style kitchens, also called parallel kitchens. The following are Tautini stainless steel cabinets to share some common styles for everyone.

One, one-line type

One-line type is suitable for small apartments and small kitchens Or a relatively long and narrow kitchen, although it is small, it has everything you need to have sinks, stoves, etc., but it has a shortcoming. It is not as flexible and convenient as those cabinets with curved or corners, because the area where people move is only one area. A straight line, unlike other materials that can be obtained as long as you turn around or turn a corner, the one-line shape needs to be designed according to your own needs;

Second, L-shape

Relatively speaking, the L-shaped cooktop is still chosen by many people. The design of the L-shaped stove often follows the 'triangular' principle, which means that the refrigerator and the On the side of the washing area and the side of the cooking area, the flow of people forms a triangle, that is, take the vegetables out of the refrigerator, then wash and cut the vegetables, and then cook after the cutting, so it is relatively convenient;

Three, U-shaped

U-shaped is suitable for kitchens with a relatively large area. Generally speaking, the design of this method is The kitchen sink is designed in the middle, and the cooking utensils and cutting vegetables are designed on both sides or one side respectively. Generally speaking, the U-shaped stove flows smoothly. Another big advantage is that the storage function is very strong. If the area is It is large enough, and those who pursue storage can consider choosing a U-shaped cabinet style design.

Four and two fonts

Two font stainless steel kitchen cabinets: also called corridor-style kitchens Create two rows of working and storage areas along two opposite walls. If food preparation is the focus of kitchen work, then the design of two-shaped stainless steel kitchen cabinets is a big advantage. Corridor-style kitchens don’t require a lot of space, just have doors or windows at the end of the kitchen.

A good kitchen design serves space and function. It should not only be comfortable to use, but also beautiful. Each shape of the overall cabinet style has a unique taste, combined with its own kitchen area and personal preferences, Dongwo Kitchen and Bathroom is committed to creating a healthy and environmentally friendly kitchen and bathroom life.

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