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hot new designs make more of a kitchen

by:Topson     2020-07-18
As more and more homeowners combine their living, dining and kitchen space, appliances have been upgraded and are no longer like wall flowers.
Or, in other cases, act like a wallflower and do it beautifully.
Stove top, refrigerator, dishwasher-
They played a role in the decoration of the whole family.
The appliances you choose, and how they are installed, either take the kitchen design to the level of formal living and dining areas, or they will cancel the form of these rooms to create a more casual space.
Historically, the kitchen is a woman. or women —of the house.
Few people will be welcome to that private place unless they are invited to help, or nominated for dishwashing.
Television shows of the 1960 s, such as bewitching, reflect real life, as husband Darlene Stephens just ventured into the kitchen to resolve the differences with his wife (
A reluctant spellcasting witch)
When the couple had a companion, Samantha.
Then, home appliances are all about functionality based on ease of cleaning and ease of use.
The room was very narrow and focused on the kitchen triangle with a clear and efficient route between the fridge, stove and sink.
It was not until the 1990 s that electrical appliances and brands became symbols of status --
It is also possible for men to become chefs at home.
By that time, the guests just went to the kitchen to socialize with the owner, as both of them could be there, working and preparing together.
Stainless steel has been very popular in electrical appliances for many years and was initially Strictly used in commercial kitchens.
Some people believe that its popularity is based on the increasing interest of men in cooking, which may be the result of popular TV cooking programs and will eventually become popular programs on channels such as the Food Network.
Historically, professional chefs are people who work in a commercial kitchen, and the appearance of a commercial kitchen becomes the norm.
When guests begin to gather in the kitchen with the owner, stainless steel appliances begin to reflect the condition of the home.
Now the parents are in the kitchen and the room needs to be expanded to accommodate not only them but also the children.
In order to do this, the wall between the kitchen and the family room came to get everyone together while working on several different tasks.
With this design, the electrical appliances can be displayed.
Like a car at home.
The shiny stainless steel is perfect for this purpose.
The development part of the kitchen island is to separate the living/dining room from the cooking area and create a preparation area for the chef.
Initially critical in the design of the kitchen, the \"triangle\" became less important with the addition of the island.
Items can be taken from the fridge to the island and ready for cooking there.
You can then move the refrigerator back or move it.
As features become less important and design becomes more important, home appliance manufacturers see them as an incentive for buyers. The open-
Concept space is almost a standard in apartment design.
Over the years, it has become very popular in new and renovated houses.
The current trend is that homeowners are looking for more elegant living and dining spaces than the previous casual way of combining rooms.
One response to this is the next generation of stainless steel appliances --
For example, the recently launched black stainless steel KitchenAid.
You can expect to see black stainless steel on the Canadian market next month.
The appearance of the main appliances is very fashionable-
Forward, like a counter.
Top appliances in KitchenAid.
The texture handle of the satin finish maintains the \"professional\" element, and the tail cap of each handle has a small medal in the iconic KitchenAid red, which adds another dimension to the design.
Even the oven door has a chrome frame that transitions to the front of the glass
It is purely an aesthetic element, but it is effective.
The appearance of black stainless steel is fashionable, and it is perfectly integrated with the increasing popularity of dark gray cabinets.
Another big trend for appliances is to cover them with door panels that match the rest of the cabinet.
It is called panel reception and basically hides the equipment while extending the decoration of the kitchen design.
Nowadays, the refrigerator and dishwasher are covered and in some cases the stove and oven are the only appliances that can be seen when entering the kitchen. A counter-
At present, the standard depth refrigerator of almost every brand has a size of 24 inch-
A little wider though to make up for the shallow depth.
When this device is \"paneled\" it is not possible to distinguish between the refrigerator and any other cabinet in the room.
By removing the focus from these devices, the eyes will only move to the cooking surface and the hood vents.
Now, the front of the hood vent can also be paneled.
The more complex and detailed the cabinets, the more elegant the kitchen feels.
The molding and engraving on the door means a more expensive and complex room.
Historically, the design of the engraving was originally done by hand, so the cost is higher, but with the development of the current technology, the price difference is no longer significant.
Also, due to the fact that most of the appliances are hidden under the detailed facade, the kitchen is elevated to the level of a more formal living/dining room.
Sinks and taps benefit from a focus on kitchen design
Stainless steel is just an option now.
For example, Blanco\'s Silgranit sink provides matching taps that blend with the kitchen palette;
Black sinks and taps on dark countertops and tailgates are visually reduced.
The design progress of kitchen appliances basically made them invisible, and the room for preparing food could also serve as an elegant dining room.
Kitchen tip * Glen Peloso appears every two weeks at the new home and apartment.
He is the chief designer of Peloso Alexander Interiors, national design editor of Canadian Home Trends magazine, and a design expert for the Marilyn program.
Contact him at pelosoalexander.
Follow on Twitter and Facebook at @ peloso1 or @ glenandjamie.
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