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grenfell tower: hundreds of buildings still have \'unsafe\' cladding

by:Topson     2020-07-11
More than 200 high
High-rise buildings in the UK are similar to the Grenfell Tower, but there is no demolition work yet.
In the 328 buildings that still use aluminum composites (ACM)
The package layer of 221 is waiting for work to begin.
Friday\'s event will mark the second anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire, which killed 72 people.
The government will pay £ 200 to dismantle the ACM from a privately owned neighborhood.
A call was made to extend the funds to other forms of cladding and fire safety measures.
The government ordered a review of high-rise buildings
After the tragedy, when a fire was in 24-
Multi-storey apartment in North Kensington, west London.
It took a few minutes for the fire to spread to the outside of the building and to all sides.
Public investigations into the disaster have heard evidence to support the theory that high combustible materials in the cladding are the main cause of the spread of the fire.
By the end of 5, the other 105 high
High-rise buildings that had previously failed safety tests have completed the removal of the cladding.
This data only includes the ACM package layer and does not include buildings with other fire safety issues.
Before the two-year anniversary of the fire, activists projected information to the towers of Salford, Newcastle and London that they thought was unsafe.
Forecasts for the Salford NV Building, which has 246 apartments, say it is \"still covered by dangerous cladding\" and the government\'s cladding demolition fund is not covered.
A memorial ceremony and a vigil will be held on Friday to mark the second anniversary of the fire.
Community Secretary James Brokenshire and fire Secretary Nick Hurd will be holding a memorial ceremony with survivors and family at St. Helen\'s Church near Grenfell Tower.
Half a day in England
Finalists and glenfer survivor Leanne Mya will sing during the ceremony and the white pigeon will be released after the ceremony. Other multi-
Faith services will also be provided in the area and private wreaths will be provided-
This is a memorial event that will ring 72 bells.
One for each victim.
And the silent Walker Group held Jianfu unity.
Karim Mussilhy\'s uncle, who was killed in the fire, said: \"Our plan is to get together with the rest of the community, share some tears with each other, smile at each other, hug each other, remember the people we love and show our respect.
\"We also want to be part of other people and show them that we are still here and that we are still united, with dignity and respect for others, that we will not leave and that we will not disappear, we will not let others forget the people we love, and we will not be swept out.
ACM cladding in 62 local government areas in the UK.
Greenwich, hamletz tower and Salford were found to have at least 20 buildings with cladding.
Brent, Newham, Wandsworth, Westminster and Manchester each have 11 to 20 vehicles, with Camden, Harlem, Islington, Lambeth, Leeds and Liverpool each 6 to 10
The ministers pledged to set up a £ 200 fund to help dismantle materials for private residential towers.
However, the rental holders said the fund was not doing enough and they would still face thousands of bills for other fire safety measures.
Alex Di Giuseppe, who lives in City Gate, the ACM package block in Manchester City, said that according to the size of the apartment, the renter is expected to pay between 4,000 and 7,000.
They are now waiting for how much government funding may be reduced.
\"The government fund covers the ACM cladding, which helps but does not include any other type of cladding or fire safety work,\" 29-year-
Old man working in marketing
\"There will be a lot of pressure to live in a technically unsafe building.
\"We can\'t afford to pay or sell our apartment.
We are mortgage prisoners.
A spokesman for Rendall and Ritchie, the building\'s management agent, said mandatory internal work related to fire safety had been completed.
She added that the company is applying for government funding to \"reduce the cost of renters as much as possible \".
Lucy Powell, Manchester\'s Central MP, told the House of Commons: \"Residents are trapped in dangerous places.
\"The fund does not include many buildings in my constituency with other cladding --
Not ACM package layer
Or no fire or other safety issues.
\"Grenfell jointly hopes to establish a social housing regulator to ensure that tenants are listened to when raising concerns and to ensure that hazardous materials, including cladding, are prohibited and dismantled.
Natasha elkke, who is the president of the organization and a survivor of the tower, said: \"Grenfell has been two years and people are still sleeping at night, worried that a fire like Grenfell would happen to them.
Ministry of Housing, Community and Local Government said: \"The government has banned the use of combustible materials in the new high-rise exterior walls
High-rise housing and guidance requirements sprinklers must be installed in new buildings above 30 m.
\"The building owners are ultimately responsible for the safety of the building and they should decide whether it is retro or notfit sprinklers.
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