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Foshan stainless steel embossed plate manufacturers

by:Topson     2022-03-22

Foshan City stainless steel embossed plate production, stainless steel material wholesale and retail, laser cutting, cutting, rolling, welding and other processing services.

Features of stainless steel embossed sheet:

1. Vinyl protective film, thickness 0.5mm ~ 3.0mm.

2. It can carry out deep processing such as titanium plating and no fingerprints.

3. There are more than 20 kinds of patterns, which can be customized.

Embossed patterns include:

Pearl board, small square pattern, diamond pattern, antique pattern, twill pattern, chrysanthemum pattern, ice bamboo pattern, sanding board, cube, free pattern, Stone pattern, butterfly flower, bamboo weaving pattern, small diamond, large oval, panda pattern, European pattern, ingot, linen pattern, large water drop, mosaic, wood grain, Wanfu Linmen, wishful cloud, chessboard, multicolored pattern, multicolored circle line< /p>

Main advantages: durable, durable, strong decorative effect, visually beautiful, good quality, easy to clean, maintenance-free, attack-resistant, pressure-resistant, scratch-resistant, fingerprint-free.

The main uses of stainless steel embossed board are as follows:

1. Construction, elevator decoration application;

2. Application of household appliances and kitchen utensils;


3. Application of electronic and electrical enclosure;

4. Application of desktop panel;

5. Application of door frame;

6. Seat contact application.

The installation of the color stainless steel decorative plate is usually fixed in the color stainless steel decorative material device, usually fixed with glue and nails, and the welding method is not suitable. Because the high temperature of welding will destroy the color film on the surface, and ultimately affect its appearance; especially the color stainless steel mirror panel, the appearance is like a mirror, if it is monochrome, then welding will leave indelible stains , the overall decorative effect is lost; therefore, there are relatively few decorative and applied welding methods with this data. Among them, the adhesion method is widely used due to the complicated operation. The binding mechanism is simple and strong, but the decorative surface is also affected. Regardless of the equipment used, the sheet must be cut.

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