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Features of ultra-thin stainless steel honeycomb panel

by:Topson     2022-07-14

1. Features of ultra-thin stainless steel honeycomb panel:

1) Dimensional regularity: that is, the ultra-thin honeycomb slate of the largest size has amazing flatness and dimensional tolerance, which is used for the aesthetic regularity of the exterior wall. It can be used to make various large-scale ventilation and thermal insulation curtain wall partitions. Since the material is light and easy to disassemble, the load of the building and the cost of the customer are greatly reduced.

2) Plate hardness: up to Mohs hardness 6, suitable for exterior walls without worrying about sand erosion, suitable for cabinet countertops, and can be operated directly on the countertops.

3) Clean and healthy: Inorganic materials are non-toxic and non-radiative, and can be directly used in food processing.

4) Water absorption: almost no water absorption, the surface porosity is close to zero, so the pollution resistance level reaches level 5, which is hygienic and has a self-cleaning function. It is easy to clean and maintain later, and the maintenance cost is very low.

5) Super soft: It can be bent at room temperature (arc with a radius of 5m), and can make curved exterior walls, ceilings and special-shaped indoor effects.

6) Ultra-thin: The unit is light in weight and can be combined with other materials for various purposes. Such as the production of composite door panels, furniture and so on.

7) High temperature resistance: no discoloration, no smoke, no release of harmful substances.

8) Acid and alkali resistance: It can be widely used in harsh environments such as laboratories.

Ultra-thin stainless steel honeycomb panel engineering application: curtain wall decoration, interior decoration, floor, wall, door cabinet, kitchen cabinet, coffee table, bathroom decoration, desk, etc.

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