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Factors affecting the life of stainless steel processed products

by:Topson     2022-11-10

Generally speaking, the most important thing to weigh the service life of a stainless steel product is to see the length of the manufacturer's plating time for the bottom plate. In theory, the longer the plating time of the stainless steel plate, the higher its corrosion resistance. Under a series of problems such as cost and production capacity, the electroplating time is generally controlled at 15-30 minutes, and even if the electroplating time is set at about 10 minutes, the life of the entire stainless steel decorative plate is greatly reduced.

The length of the plating time is one, and the second is the material of the bottom plate. The 304 stainless steel plate can be used in most environments with its high-quality corrosion resistance and heat resistance, but some manufacturers use 201 in order to save costs. The stainless steel plate is used as the bottom plate. After the electroplating process, there is no difference with the naked eye, but time will prove all this. With the passage of time, there will be white spots and rust on the colored stainless steel plate. attack.

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