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drinking water. surely there\'s a better way?!

by:Topson     2020-07-28
We had a stupid drinking water setup where I took the top filter section out of the Brita kettle and put it in a glass kettle because I didn\'t like our drinking water sitting in plastic all day long.
But it just keeps the balance at the top of the pitcher, so every time we want a drink, we have to hold the plastic part in one hand while pouring the pitcher, and refilling is a mess.
I did it for the time being when I was thinking about setting up the RO system, because our water is developed and I think it\'s the best option, but it\'s been the case for months and it\'s annoying.
I haven\'t even filtered the water for a while, but I don\'t really like the taste of it, it\'s hard enough to drink as much water as I drink, so I need water to taste it.
I ordered a highly rated RO system on Amazon a few months ago.
I got it and later I knew the tank was not stainless because they made you believe it, but only the SS part, which was actually the \"Ding bladder\" that represented what was said \".
\"Water is actually made of synthetic rubber. Ugh.
A few months later I found this very frustrating and the RO system is still sitting in the box.
I don\'t think the water sitting in synthetic rubber is safe. . .
I mean, I certainly have a lot of other chemicals.
It was \"food grade\", they said, but it didn\'t make any sense to me.
It was so frustrating that I let the rep know about it, but they said it was the standard for RO sytems because it was like a balloon that could help drain the water out of the collection tank.
For me, you go through all these steps and take the chemical out of the water and put it in the oil bag, which is simply an idiot.
Now I read more about the RO system and see that some people don\'t like them because they peel off too much from the water
Essential minerals, etc.
So I wonder if this is a good choice.
Overall, what do you think about RO?
Does anyone have a RO without a rubber bladder?
Are there any other options for safe drinking water?
I hate the constant pitchers cheering, and the Brits don\'t even filter out flouride.
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