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Distinguish 304 stainless steel plate and 201 stainless steel plate method

by:Topson     2022-05-16

Methods for distinguishing 304 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel 1. The difference in fatigue resistance: 201 stainless steel has higher strength, but the toughness is not as good as 304 stainless steel, so the fatigue resistance of 304 stainless steel is slightly higher. 2. The difference in overall quality: The overall quality of 304 stainless steel plate is better, and the price is slightly higher than that of 201 stainless steel plate, and the quality of 201 is slightly worse. 304 stainless steel plate is made of imported steel, and 201 is made of domestic steel. 3. The difference between forming steel: 201 stainless steel is mainly composed of 17Cr-4.5Ni-6Mn-N, which is a Ni-shaped steel and an alternative steel for 301 steel. After a certain period of cold working, the magnetic properties are obtained and used in railway vehicles. 304 stainless steel plate is processed into 18Cr-9Ni, which is the most widely used stainless steel plate and heat-resistant steel plate in the market. Generally used in food processing equipment, various chemical production equipment, nuclear power and nuclear energy industries. 4. The difference between manganese element and nickel element content: 201 stainless steel plate contains high manganese element, and the surface of the steel plate is bright and has a dull light, but if the manganese content is high, it is easier to rust. The 304 stainless steel plate has a higher chromium content, and the surface of the general steel plate will be matte, and it is not easy to rust. The most important aspect of the two steel plates is the difference in corrosion resistance. 201 has low overall corrosion resistance and is easily corroded, so it will be much cheaper in price. Moreover, the nickel content of 201 is low, and the overall price is lower than that of 304 stainless steel. The biggest difference between 201 stainless steel plate and 304 stainless steel plate is the problem of nickel-containing elements. However, the price of 304 is slightly more expensive, and the 304 stainless steel plate can at least remain in any use without rusting.

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