Discuss the characteristics of VCM stainless steel color plate for washing machine shell decoration

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Discuss the characteristics of VCM stainless steel color plate for washing machine shell decoration

by:Topson     2022-03-20

At present, VCM stainless steel color plates are widely used in high-end washing machines. VCM color plate can not only meet the requirements of household appliances for the environment and service life, but also has good forming and processing performance, which can meet the requirements of high-speed precision processing equipment.

In addition to the washing machine box, it is also used in the shell of refrigerators, water heaters, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances.

VCM color steel plate refers to the coated metal plate. Generally, steel plates with a thickness of 0.6~0.8mm are used, polymer plastic films are used on the front, and special design elements are used to obtain sufficient bending and curing properties. You can see that there are different shapes of concave and convex ribs on the side of the washing machine box, this is done to increase the strength.

In addition to ordinary color products, the color of VCM color steel plate also has pearl color and metal color products, which has become the fashion trend of home appliance shell decoration.

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