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Development and Application Technology of Offshore Engineering Steel of Stainless Steel Plate

by:Topson     2022-05-11
Development and application technology of marine engineering steel of stainless steel plate 1. High-efficiency, green steel manufacturing process technology. Through the optimization of 316L stainless steel plate structure in steel process and the integrated construction of material flow, energy flow and information flow network, key interface matching involves blast furnace-converter long process and waste electric furnace short process, efficient conversion of secondary energy, low-quality waste heat recovery and utilization, Model optimization and key technologies for optimizing low-carbon green manufacturing and steel manufacturing processes. Efficient and green manufacturing of steel and processes. 2. Process quality control technology for fully processed steel products based on big data. Steel enterprise process quality big data platform, whole process process quality data integration technology; high-speed process quality parameter collection and storage technology; process comprehensive monitoring and early warning technology; slab, coil and other quality online rating technology; product process parameter traceability analysis Technology Cross-process product quality interactive analysis and abnormal diagnosis technology; mechanical property online detection technology; product particle size online detection technology; three-dimensional detection technology of surface quality defects; mass customization technology to meet the individual needs of customers; comprehensive evaluation of product quality in the whole process Technology; new product development technology based on big data. 3. The key technology for producing excellent special steel. Special strengthening and toughening mechanism, high reliability and long life mechanism of special steel; quantitative description of microstructure evolution law and preparation and service process; basic research on performance control mechanism of special soft magnetic alloy. The material design technology is suitable for the adaptability of high temperature, stress, corrosion and other service environments; high cleanliness smelting of special steel, precise control of inclusions, homogenization and fine structure control, precise forming and processing, etc. Key technologies such as cost manufacturing and streamlined process technology. 4. Development and application technology of marine engineering steel. Self-elevating platform, 690MPa class thick plate, large diameter seamless pipe, 460MPa class jacket platform steel and supporting welding consumables, thick plate and supporting welding consumables, suitable for large line energy welding platform, large wall thickness seawater riser, pipeline Steel, weathering steel is suitable for South Island reef infrastructure, seawater corrosion resistant steel bar, seawater desalination, chemical marine special duplex stainless steel, high molybdenum super austenitic stainless steel, corrosion resistant alloy for deep sea gathering and transportation system, precipitation hardening stainless steel, deep sea drilling Adopt high nitrogen austenitic stainless steel research, development, production and application technology.
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