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design trends in kitchen cabinets: a brief look at what\'s hot in kitchen design.

by:Topson     2020-06-30
The kitchen has developed into not just a room, but a separate locker and cooker.
It has become an important gathering place for people to eat, drink and play.
It is the most popular place in the family.
Research supports this.
According to a recent study commissioned by Merillat Industries on family traveler preferences, 15% of a person\'s time at home is spent in the kitchen ---
The most in all rooms
Designers make money by designing the kitchen and become the focus of the family.
Here are some of the latest trends that have been removed from interviews and trade developments over the past year.
The new kitchen continues to be large, open and inflated.
The 50-year-old galleykitchen has become obsolete in all but a few older people.
However, with the increase in size and size, the layout of cabinets is facing new challenges.
Kitchen designers have a number of strategies to fill the space that all space builders provide for the kitchen.
For example, homeowners require separate lighting accessories to be installed on the ceiling, including twin islands and larger islands.
Another option for designers to fill the vertical space is to use larger molded buildings and cabinets.
An example is stacking a 48-inch-
High cabinet with a12inch-
There are tall cabinets on the top and molded on the top.
To cope with the opening of these large kitchens, customers no longer use as many wall cabinets as they have traditionally done.
As part of the open kitchen concept, the design is not a solid cabinet library, but several cabinets are used as pillars or arch support.
Another trend in the big kitchen is that the cabinets are used as separated walls.
Base cabinets are also becoming more and more popular, especially when used as pillars or architectural elements of the interior.
Although many homeowners prefer styles and colors to mix and match, the general trend is that traditional styles-
Its crown styling and architectural details--
Continue to be preferred.
Based on the study of consumer preferences by Decora and kitchen and bathroom Design News, dealers list traditional cabinet styles as preferred, followed by transitional, modern or contemporary andretro /-mid-
Modern style of the century.
In many cabinet designs, modern or modern designs are also common.
In some recent design presentations, there is evidence that many manufacturers are recycling old, existing door styles and pairing them with options for newer finishes and contemporary looks ---
Not naked, but a replacement for a stylish, stylish Old World style that has always been popular.
Another option is to apply horizontal grain on doors and drawers.
Although the appearance has been popular in Europe for several years, it has just begun to enter the North American market.
The typical species used for this application are Wenge, walnut and onion.
At all levels, the mixing of aluminum and glass doors is a contemporary highlight.
The variety of options is constantly expanding and there are plenty of glass insert styles to choose from, including removal, knots and patterns ---
Unlimited possibilities for designers.
You can also see the \"endless possibilities\" theme in other areas, including finishes.
Maybe all styles of cabinets have a glass look, which is a constant fashion of glass finishes.
One reason for this trend is that glazingoften enhances the appearance of the color, adding depth and richness to the wood.
Their custom, almost furniture, helps to stimulate the popularity of glaze
Like appeals and mass. Finished production.
About the end, the other still strong trend is to use two-
Color cabinets.
Consumers are no longer a bunch of sturdy cabinets, but mixing and matching finishes as well as species to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing, relaxed look that mimics the rest of the family.
\"Mixed finishes, styles and materials give this eclectic look the feeling of avintage,\" said Shenandoah cabinet design director, Woodmark, United States central business district
Although White is still a popular neutral color-
Especially those with glass finishes. -
Continue rankhigh.
And natural oak, Quarter-
Sawn White Oak seems to be a new trend.
Over the past year, more and more cabinet makers have highlighted this species in their showroom displays;
Justin, not traditional art. and-
Craft or task style settings, but often in the updated, modern style.
The Decora survey said that for the kitchen, from dark brown to moss green, the color of warm earth tones is a popular color today, stealing market share from the traditional dark blue palette, yellow and bright red.
In the market, white or white with color contrast is also very popular.
Not only the decoration outside the cabinet has a rich choice, but also the interior has a rich choice.
Continuously introduce new solutions to maximize internal space and functionality.
Particularly popular are pulp and double
Layered drawer with smaller single pulsedrawer front.
Many people think traditional style is the most popular style of kitchen design.
This style is characterized by Crown styling, architectural details and rich colors, usually dark or honeymoon.
The most common type of wood in this style is oak.
Other perennial popular styles include: country style: characterized by country style, full-weather and Frost appearance, usually in earthy or pastel colors.
Baskets, bricks and beams can be used in the decoration of the kitchen itself.
Southwest: Desert--
Brown and warm orange, mixed with blue and green.
Terracotta Warriors are usually part of the decoration scheme, as well as wood, tiles and other natural materials.
Victorian style: old, dark and gothic-
In a pleasant way.
Cabinets tend to be dark wood with chrome-plated hardware and accents.
The kitchen itself can also be decorated with carefully trimmed shapes and lights, all of which are neutral or dark.
Modern: This style is constantly changing, there may be smooth lines in a year, there may be gorgeous lines in a year.
Modern styling recently includes stainless steel and double
The hue ends, usually the contrast color.
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