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Defect analysis and characteristics of stainless steel honeycomb panel

by:Topson     2022-09-05

Defect analysis and characteristics of stainless steel aluminum honeycomb panel

Aluminum honeycomb panels are widely used in the construction industry. Here we introduce two types of synthetic properties of products: natural materials and synthetic materials. Natural materials of aluminum honeycomb panels include stone, rock, silt, clay, etc. Synthetic or man-made materials include plastic, glass, PVC, and the like.

Aluminum honeycombs can also be used to build concrete. The purpose of building concrete with aluminum honeycombs is fairly common. Today, concrete structures tend to be strong and durable. With concrete, buildings are built with cement and steel bars. Aluminum honeycomb panels can add luster and color to high-end buildings. However, buildings that use a lot of aluminum honeycomb panels are more expensive than other materials.

Any product will be controlled incorrectly due to factors such as design reasons, changes in raw materials, and operational reasons, resulting in product abnormalities, that is, quality defects. Aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturers also have this risk.

1. There is a performance-related defect, the empty shell phenomenon.

The reasons are: improper vacuum pressure control, improper cleaning, coating leakage, insufficient initial setting time (>7h), corrugated defects of the lower plate and aluminum plate raw materials, thin products, and the stiffness after compounding is less than the inherent elastic stress of the plate, etc. These problems in the production process can be found and dealt with in time by relying on the above monitoring and inspection system.

2. No bulge was found in routine inspection, but there were local openings under force during use. The reasons for this state defect are more complicated. After analysis, due to product structure design reasons and tight delivery cycle, the product is delivered within 1-2 days after initial setting. During this process, internal micro-damage due to the gravity of handling and installation can lead to the development of explicit defects under further stress.

Through the above analysis, it is necessary to control various factors affecting the quality of aluminum honeycomb panels to ensure that the product quality is excellent and meets the requirements of use.

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