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Curtain wall color stainless steel honeycomb panel partition

by:Topson     2022-08-21

Color stainless steel honeycomb panel is a very good stainless steel decoration material, with brilliant colors, its decoration shows its elegant quality. At the same time, the color stainless steel curtain wall honeycomb panel has the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance, high surface flatness, durable color surface, and can change color with different light angles.

The color surface of the color stainless steel honeycomb panel of the curtain wall can withstand the temperature of 200 ℃, and the color surface of the color stainless steel honeycomb panel has better salt spray corrosion resistance than ordinary stainless steel. Color stainless steel honeycomb panels can be used for hall curtain wall panels, ceilings, elevator panels, building exterior wall decoration, signs and other stainless steel decorations. Color stainless steel honeycomb panel curtain wall is generally used for stainless steel decorative curtain wall. However, with the wide application of color stainless steel honeycomb panels, it will further drive the accelerated development of stainless steel honeycomb panels in the decorative curtain wall industry.

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