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contemporary metal furniture oem for interior

contemporary metal furniture oem for interior

SGS,UL ISO 9001:2000,CE,KYNAR 500, etc
Up to15 Years based on different coating
Dressing table inside the bathroom;Cabinet inside the restauran;Wine rack in the wine cellar
Building, Hotel, Office, Room, Apartment, Tower, Mall etc
Suitable for cleanroom, sterile rooms, food processing and research areas. No dirt traps; Satin finish 320 grit polished;Ideal for gowning room apparel such as garments, hairnets, gloves, hoods and shoe covers

Technical Specifications

TSC C21002100mm900mm450mm
TSC -25002500mm1200mm500mm
TSC -20002000mm1200mm500mm
TSC -18001800mm1200mm500mm



The Topson Stainless steel Cabinet TSC-Series is designed to be easily cleaned with tight, smooth joints to wall and floor finishes. This creates ledge and crevice free surfaces.


These recessed units have excellent hygienic properties and are virtually maintenence free.


Metal works and stainless steel products are everywhere.

stainless steel floor Kitchen counter

stainless steel Kitchen counter & draught cupboard

stainless steel Kitchen counter top and cabinet

stainless Steel Wine Cabinet



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