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Construction method of stainless steel embossed plate decorative column

by:Topson     2022-09-24

The stainless steel embossed plate has a concave and convex pattern on the surface of the steel plate, and is used in places where the finish and decoration are required. Embossed scrolling is a pattern completed with a work kun. Work rolls are usually treated with an etchant. The depth of the bumps on the board varies depending on the pattern and is about 20-30 microns. Generally speaking, the stainless steel embossed metal decorative column is composed of three parts: the skeleton, the base plate and the decorative plate.

The skeleton has two kinds of wood structure and steel structure. The wooden frame adopts a square wood structure, which is mainly used for pasting various colored stainless steel plate decorative materials. The steel structure skeleton is connected by angle steel welding or screw connection, and this structure is used for sticking aluminum decorative panels. Now the concrete square column packing cylinder is taken as an example, briefly talk about the method of the skeleton: First, through the positioning of the embedded parts of the longitudinal skeleton, the connection between the horizontal and vertical skeletons and the frame support and column fixing, the diameter of the cylinder needs to be determined.

The function of the fixed bottom plate is to increase the rigidity of the column frame, which is convenient for laying and pasting the decorative board. It is usually made of plywood, wood board or MDF, and the bottom plate is fixed directly to the skeleton with nails or screws. The surface of the bottom plate is flat and the dimensional accuracy is high, which ensures the installation quality of the color stainless steel plate, and has high requirements for the occasion of winding cylindrical.

The installation of the color stainless steel plate is fixed in the installation of the color stainless steel decorative material, usually by bonding and nailing, which is not suitable for welding. Because the high temperature of welding will destroy the color of the surface film, and ultimately affect its appearance; especially the color stainless steel mirror panel, the surface is mirror, if it is a single color, it will leave indelible stains after welding, and it will lose the whole decorative effect.

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