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Condition of stainless steel decorative color plate facing

by:Topson     2022-04-02

Stainless steel decorative color plate market report: The data is disappointing, copper futures fell to a five-week low stainless steel pipe market performance was average, local small and medium-sized coal showed signs of rising slightly; local coking coal production enterprises in Anhui experienced faults in the mining process, and the output was relatively , which is conducive to the rise of coal in the later period. Third, stainless steel upstream raw material enterprises will rectify the tension and will rise.

At the beginning of this week in the South China market, under the background of the market's daily limit, stainless steel plate merchants panicked and sold on a large scale, causing the mainstream to drop RMB per ton, and the overall transaction volume was still high. In the process of over-expansion, Tiangang stainless steel plate enterprises often make mistakes and use short-term financing for long-term projects, violating the definition of bank secrecy-u0026mdash;u0026mdashu0026mdash special funds are used for specific purposes, which is also risk in capital One of the main roles in operations. However, downstream demand still shows no signs of improving, with most companies mainly sourcing small quantities on demand.

The month of high supply will continue. However, considering that the steady rise in costs in the later period supports the bottom of the market, it will not fluctuate greatly. The Iron and Steel Industry Association believes that it is also very important to establish and improve the exit of steel capital.

Stainless steel pipes are more likely to stabilize . At present, although the production capacity of stainless steel welded pipes is more efficient than previously implemented, the short-term effect is still limited, which depends on the production control next year.

The difference in cost increase is mainly due to the scale effect of the enterprise and the length of the process flow of the final product. The market is full of pessimism about the situation facing the stainless steel decorative color plate. The downstream purchases passively wait and see, and the market is weak. In order to earn more 'fixed-spread income

The refined iron powder market will continue to grow in the short term. Stainless Steel Decorative Stained Plate Merger and Reorganization will be one of them. Fees will increase from yuan to yuan based on the overall assessment of professional organizations in the industry.

Some specifications of the situation faced by stainless steel decorative color panels fell below the Yuan mark again, and the mentality of merchants was obviously negative. With the contradiction between supply and demand in the Tiangang stainless steel market and the collapse of raw material cost support, the market began a round of decline, and the East China Tiangang stainless steel market also hit a low. Affected by this, related hot coils also fell sharply.

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