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compact wideband plasmonic filter with flat-top transmission response based on corrugated metal-insulator-metal ring resonator

by:Topson     2020-08-09
We show a new way to control the filtration of spoof local surface plasma (LSPs)
On corrugated metalinsulator-metal (MIM)ring resonator.
The LSPs resonance mode can be effectively tuned to realize wide-pass band (
Four-pole mode and six-pole mode are covered)
By selecting the appropriate length in the input and output coupling area.
Mutual coupling between input and output lines to produce a plane
Top transmission response and sharp outputof-band rejection.
Compared with the broadband passband filter based on the pseudo-plane plasma wave duct, the filter has an ultra-
Compact, only 0. 35λ*0. 35λ.
In order to further improve the performance of the through-band plasma excitation filter,of-
Band frequency (
Couple mode and octopus mode)
Rejected by introducing a diversion ladder
Double C-impedance cavity
Shape ring on the back of the filter substrate.
The simulation results are verified through experiments, which shows that the method has good suppression and broadband filtering performance, low insertion loss and flat
Top transmission response and sharp outputof-
With inhibition.
This filter can find more applications in highly integrated plasma circuits and systems in the field of Hz and microwave.
Surface plasma (SPs)
Attracted a lot of research attention in recent years, because of its ability to break the classical diffraction limit to control the optical fraction
Wavelength scale.
SPs exists in the form of a surface plasma excitation (SPPs)
On the extended interface between metal and dielectric or local surface plasma (LSPs)
On limited metal particles
Research on the generation and control of SPs has been extended from the optical field to microwave and tahertz (THz)
Thanks to the pioneering work of Pendley. .
These surface patterns on a structured metal surface are widely referred to as the designer or the spool SPs.
These masked plasma structures not only have similar field-limiting and non-field-limiting capabilities
The diffraction limit is the limit of the optical SPs, but due to its millimeter size, it can also be flexibly controlled by adjusting the geometric parameters of the pattern.
While most of these studies focus on the propagation of spooling SPPs, recently, the use of spooling plasma combos has demonstrated that spooling LSPs.
The design of the broadband passband filter usually adopts the SPPs wave catheter.
In a variety of plasma wave tubes, metal-insulator-metal (MIM)
The wave duct allows highly restricted SPPs modes to travel under sharp bends with lower additional transmission loss and simple manufacturing techniques.
Then, a MIM optical waveguide based on the simulation of plasma excitation element is proposed.
At microwave frequency, a broadband passband filter based on spoof MIM optical waveguide is studied.
However, in order to input the energy and extract the signal from the functional plasma device through the transmission line, the effective conversion between spoof SPPs and guided waves is necessary.
Therefore, the length of these broadband filters in the direction of propagation is usually several wavelengths.
Although the LSPs cavity is compact in structure, they are usually used to implement narrow band filters for asymmetric teeth
Shape structure, injection molding nano disk cavity, corrugated ring cavity, etc.
In addition, by controlling the coupling between SPPs particles and SPPs wave ducts, a narrow band suppression filter is proposed.
In order to broaden the working frequency band, different structures such as symmetric multipleteeth-
Shape structure, metal rod loaded into the stub, gradient plasma resonance chain, Super
Thin periodic corrugated metal bands with defective units, etc.
However, this method will not only increase the length of the filter, but also bring additional transmission losses.
Also, most of the plasma filters mentioned above have a Lorentzian-
Transmission response of shape, not flat
The top-level transport response required by many communication systems.
The square ring cavity and the Cascade rectangular ring cavity are designed with a flat filter
The response is transmitted at the top.
As far as we know, there is no such thing as flat-
Top transmission response based on spoof LSPs cavity.
The corrugated MIM ring cavity has been fully studied in the literature. .
In this article, a super
Numerical and practical verification shows the compact and broadband through-band plasma filter based on corrugated metal ion ring cavity.
Unlike almost all of the above filters, the resonance wavelength of these filters is usually changed by modifying the geometric parameters of the cavity, applying a new regulation mechanism, the transmission band including four-pole mode and six-pole mode is broadened.
The results show that the spoof LSPs resonance mode can be effectively tuned by selecting the appropriate length in the input and output coupling regions.
By introducing the coupling between the input and output lines, the plane
Top transfer and sharper outputof-
Band suppression can be achieved.
The entire broadband passband filter is only 0. 35*0. 35 and ultra-
Compared to the previously mentioned broadband passband filter based on SPPs wave ducts, the structure is compact.
In order to further improve the performance of the passband filter, some other methods have been used to suppress all frequencies other than the passband of interest.
By introducing the diversion ladder
Impedance oscillator (SIR)and double C-
The shape ring on the back of the filter substrate realizes the suppression of the bipolar mode and the eight claw ring mode.
Therefore, spoof plasma filters have some attractive functions, such as Super
Compact size, wide bandwidth, low insertion loss, flat
Top transmission response and sharp outputof-
With inhibition.
The measured results are in good agreement with the simulation results.
This structure can find more applications in highly integrated plasma Circuits and Systems at microwave and hertz frequencies.
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