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Common sense of daily maintenance of color stainless steel mesh

by:Topson     2022-07-29

1. Common sense of daily maintenance of color stainless steel mesh

1. Keep the board clean

Keep the board surface clean in daily life. In order to prevent too much dust and fouling on the board area, please clean the board surface with clean water from time to time, especially after the typhoon; Such as 3M car wash) or ammonia or special cleaning agent to clean. It is strictly forbidden to use alcohol and acid-base detergents when cleaning; after the door is installed, the stainless steel surface should be cleaned in time after the tiles are pasted near the door frame.

2. Timely maintenance

In coastal environments, due to the high salinity of water vapour brought by the sea breeze in the atmosphere, adhesion to the processed board may cause the board to rust. If not maintained regularly, even after treatment, the surface effect will not be good. To reduce the erosive impact of high salinity coastal environments on stainless steel sheet surfaces, maintenance is recommended at least once a week. If the rust is serious, the rusted color door can be surface treated with high-grade sandpaper first, and then treated with blending paint (according to the color of the paint) and air compressor spray paint.

3. Timely processing

The rainbow pattern on the surface of the colored stainless steel mesh is caused by excessive use of detergent or oil. When washing, it can be removed with warm water or neutral detergent.

The rust caused by the pollution on the stainless steel surface can be cleaned with 10% nitric acid or abrasive detergent. (Available from your local dealer)

4. Finished door maintenance

During normal use, the stainless steel door should be opened and closed slowly to avoid damage to the protective layer of the stainless steel door due to collision with other sharp objects.

When using a stainless steel door in a humid environment, pay attention to the accelerated oxidation and rust of the stainless steel door due to long-term moisture, because the high humidity in this environment is easy to cause scale and mildew.

Storage of Colored Stainless Steel Stencils

1. When storing the finished product (such as a well-made door frame), you should pay attention to check whether the protective film is damaged and seal it in time to avoid the exposure of the board surface and the penetration of external moist air, which will corrode the board surface and cause discoloration.

2. The floor where the finished product is stored should be kept dry to avoid long-term contact between the bottom of the finished product and the floor, and the water will penetrate into the board surface and cause oxidative discoloration.

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