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Common classification methods of stainless steel plates

by:Topson     2022-05-22

Stainless steel plate is generally a general term for stainless steel plate and acid-resistant steel plate. Stainless steel plate refers to a steel plate that is resistant to corrosion by weak media such as atmosphere, steam and water, while acid-resistant steel plate refers to a steel plate that is resistant to corrosion by chemically corrosive media such as acid, alkali, and salt. Since the advent of stainless steel at the beginning of this century, the development of stainless steel has laid an important material and technical foundation for the development of modern industry and scientific and technological progress. There are many types of stainless steel plates with different properties. The stainless steel plate factory has sufficient resources. ZQDdqJ08BREZG has a complete variety, large inventory and extremely low price. At the same time, it can be customized to non-standard and special steel grades. All kinds of stainless steel equipment can be customized for customers' requirements. All materials can be cut and sold. The products conform to the Chinese GB, American ASTM, Japanese JIS and other specifications. Stainless steel plates are widely used in aviation, aerospace, transportation, petroleum, chemical industry, marine engineering, electricity, electronics, civil appliances, kitchen equipment, containers, environmental protection, construction, decoration, advertising engineering, municipal engineering, papermaking, medicine, food, machinery, communications and other fields. The products are sold in major, medium and small cities in China, and the stainless steel plates are exported to countries and regions all over the world, and have been affirmed and trusted by users at home and abroad! At the same time, it has established long-term and stable good cooperative relations with many well-known large-scale steel mills at home and abroad. It has gradually formed several categories in the process of development. According to the organizational structure, it is divided into four categories: martensitic stainless steel (including precipitation hardening stainless steel), ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel and austenite plus ferritic duplex stainless steel. The chemical composition or some characteristic elements in the steel plate are classified into chromium stainless steel plate, chromium nickel stainless steel plate, chromium nickel molybdenum stainless steel plate, low carbon stainless steel plate, high molybdenum stainless steel plate, high purity stainless steel plate, etc. According to the performance characteristics and uses of the steel plate, it is divided into nitric acid-resistant stainless steel plate, sulfuric acid-resistant stainless steel plate, pitting corrosion-resistant stainless steel plate, stress corrosion-resistant stainless steel plate, high-strength stainless steel plate, etc. According to the functional characteristics of the steel plate, it is divided into low temperature stainless steel plate, non-magnetic stainless steel plate, free cutting stainless steel plate, superplastic stainless steel plate, etc. The commonly used classification method is to classify according to the structural characteristics of the steel plate, the chemical composition characteristics of the steel plate and the combination of the two. Generally divided into martensitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, duplex stainless steel and precipitation hardening stainless steel, etc. or divided into two categories: chromium stainless steel and nickel stainless steel. Wide range of uses Typical uses: pulp and paper equipment heat exchangers, mechanical equipment, dyeing equipment, film processing equipment, pipelines, exterior materials for buildings in coastal areas, etc.

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