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Colored stainless steel partitions are widely used in clubs

by:Topson     2022-07-24

1. The clubhouse adopts colored stainless steel partitions, which makes people feel gorgeous and warm. At present, the more popular color stainless steel screens are titanium plates, rose gold mirror panels, bronze salad plates and other processing effects. The three-dimensional effect is very strong. It can be customized according to the size of the indoor space and the required height and width. If the width is relatively large, it can Makes the decor look grand.

2. The clubhouse adopts colored stainless steel partitions, which can not only reflect the fashion and elegance of the clubhouse, but also enhance the taste of the clubhouse. Gives a sense of style and comfort to embrace trends.

3. Using colored stainless steel plate, the color and shape will be determined according to the overall style customized by the customer, such as the feeling of tranquil pastoral, fashionable Mediterranean lattice, atmospheric Chinese classical partition, or popular French romantic feelings in Europe and America.

4. Now more and more color stainless steel screen partitions are made of titanium plates or champagne gold mirror panels, especially the champagne gold mirror panels have warm and light colors, giving people a warm, comfortable and fashionable feeling.

Clubhouse stainless steel decorative panels, elevator bridge decoration. Try not to use full-color stainless steel mirror panels to decorate the four walls of the bridge car in the elevator. Although the mirror panel is a mirror, it gives a clear and transparent feeling; in fact, when we walk into the elevator, it is all our own picture, which confuses us. In fact, a stainless steel mirror plate can be installed on the rear wall of the axle box, or a small mirror plate can be used to decorate the other side of the axle box, which is more artistic and aesthetic.

Do not install spotlights inside club stainless steel trim boxes. Because the reflectivity of stainless steel is relatively large, especially the mirror panel, it is easy to make people look dazzling in the spotlight. You can use warm-colored stainless steel wire drawing board, etched board, etc., with soft acrylic lamps, it will have great warmth retention, and will not cause light pollution in a small space.

Conclusion: The use of color stainless steel plate decoration has a good decorative effect, but in order not to leave fingerprints in the usual touch and affect the appearance, choose color stainless steel plate products without fingerprints. This is a relatively new technology. A layer of transparent film is added on the surface to ensure that no fingerprints are left when the hand touches. Moreover, since the surface of the colored stainless steel plate is isolated from the air, its corrosion resistance and wear resistance can be greatly improved. Therefore, when choosing products such as color stainless steel titanium plate, rose gold mirror panel, brushed plate, etc., you may wish to consider adding fingerprint-free processing technology, which can retain the bright decorative effect and improve its performance.

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