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Color stainless steel plate welding question and answer

by:Topson     2022-08-07

Recently, many friends have asked me about the welding of colored stainless steel plates. Today, Topson will tell you about the arc ignition method of argon arc welding and the introduction of tungsten electrodes for stainless steel welding.

Colored stainless steel plate is a new type of environmentally friendly material, which has been recognized by customers for its wonderful appearance and superior corrosion resistance to stainless steel. Colored stainless steel plates are mainly used for wall and countertop decoration, so welding is indispensable. In fact, only if we use proper methods and reasonable skills, the surface of welding scars cannot be seen.

TIG welding of colored stainless steel plates is a welding process commonly used in construction. A lot of useful work has been done at home and abroad to solve the problem of arc ignition of automatic welding equipment. There are currently 5 methods as follows

1. High frequency arc ignition: It is a non-contact arc ignition method, which can reduce the wear of the tungsten electrode used for arc ignition, which is conducive to the continuous progress of argon arc welding. That is, high-frequency and high-voltage are first applied between the electrode needle (tungsten needle) and the workpiece by using the arc striking method of high-voltage breakdown. When starting the arc, keep a certain small gap between the end of the tungsten electrode and the surface to be welded, and then connect the high-frequency oscillator pulse arc ignition circuit to make the gap break down and discharge to ignite the arc.

2. Non-high frequency arc ignition: It is also a non-contact arc ignition method. The specific method is: at the beginning of the arc ignition, use the auxiliary heat source to heat the tungsten electrode first to improve the thermionic emission capability of the tungsten electrode. The arc can be successfully started at low no-load voltage.

3. High-voltage pulse arc ignition: add a high-voltage pulse between the tungsten electrode and the workpiece to ionize the gas medium between the two electrodes to initiate the arc.

4. Contact arc ignition: The wear of the tungsten electrode by the contact arc ignition is very large, and after the tungsten electrode is worn, it has a great influence on the welding quality. The tungsten electrode needs to be replaced frequently, which affects the welding speed. The specific method is: the workpiece is in direct contact with the tungsten electrode, so that the contact is short-circuited, so as to achieve the purpose of contact arc ignition.

5. Injury-free tungsten electrode arc striking method: in principle, the arc striking method belongs to an indirect contact arc striking method, that is, a welding wire is used to connect and contact the workpiece and the tungsten electrode as an arc striking conductor, so that the workpiece and the tungsten electrode are connected in contact with each other. Indirect contact short circuit between them to achieve the purpose of contact arc ignition. The principle is the same as the contact arc striking method, the difference is that the tungsten electrode is not directly in contact with the workpiece, but the tungsten electrode and the workpiece are replaced by the welding wire, which not only achieves the purpose of short-circuit arc ignition, but also avoids the tungsten electrode directly contacting the workpiece. Wearing the tungsten electrode is an ideal method of arc ignition for argon arc welding.

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