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Color stainless steel plate purchase points and common problems

by:Topson     2022-07-30

The decoration of the wall is the finishing touch of the interior decoration. More and more people love to decorate the home with colorful stainless steel plates. The colorful stainless steel plate is not only rich in patterns and can adapt to every style of fashion, but also has a variety of materials, which is dizzying. With the arrival of the peak of spring decoration, many owners' demand for colored stainless steel sheets has also begun to rise. To this end, Topson has integrated the current concerns and frequently asked questions about the purchase of colored stainless steel sheets, hoping to help owners.

Consumers pay attention to the selection of colored stainless steel plates, but many people still do not know how to choose them. The following will introduce the 'three picks' rule for you, hoping to help consumers buy suitable products.

One Pick: Appearance

It is more popular to use a large area of ​​single color on the wall of the living room. Bright colors can stimulate people's emotions and are suitable for use in dining rooms and living rooms; cool or low-brightness colors can make people concentrate and emotionally stable, and are used in the study or work room* **Appropriate; light colors are soothing and relaxing and can be used in the bedroom. Before purchasing color stainless steel plate, it is best to estimate the amount of color stainless steel plate, so as to buy enough color stainless steel plate of the same batch at one time, reduce unnecessary trouble and avoid waste.

The amount of color stainless steel plate is calculated by the following formula:

The amount of color stainless steel plate (roll) = room perimeter × room height × (100+K) / square meters per roll, K is the loss rate of color stainless steel plate, generally 3 to 10. General standard color stainless steel plate can be paved 5.2m 2.

The size of the K value is related to the following factors:

The size of the color stainless steel plate pattern: the large pattern is more complicated to stitch the flowers, so the utilization rate is lower than that of the small pattern, so the K value is slightly larger; the pattern that needs to be aligned is lower than the pattern that does not need to be aligned, and the K value is slightly larger; The patterns arranged in the same direction have lower utilization rate than the patterns arranged in the horizontal direction, and the K value is slightly larger;

Pasting method: Using the patchwork method to paste the color stainless steel plate has a high utilization rate and a small K value; using the overlapping cutting and patchwork method to paste the color stainless steel plate has a low utilization rate and a large K value.

Properties of pasting surface: The more complex pasting surface needs more wallpaper than the ordinary plane, and the K value is high;

Perimeter algorithm: measure its total length around the entire room, excluding floor-to-ceiling windows and because the price is not cheap and the amount is large, it accounts for a large proportion of decoration. How to choose the color stainless steel plate, how much to buy is appropriate, these issues must be considered clearly before choosing.

2. Demand When purchasing colored stainless steel plates, you should choose them according to your needs. Generally speaking, the following styles are more suitable for home decoration:

Colored stainless steel plate in fresh and elegant style: color stainless steel plate partition suitable for living room and bedroom space.

Warm and bright style colored stainless steel plate: color stainless steel plate partition suitable for bedroom and study space.

At the same time, the pattern of the colored stainless steel plate is very beautiful, and it can also be pasted on old furniture, the furniture will be rejuvenated, and if the wall is also of the same style of colored stainless steel plate, the overall style of the room will be very harmonious.

Simple, fresh and elegant style, more suitable for modern home decoration wall use. With beautiful or exaggerated patterns, it is a good choice for some old ones.

The bright nostalgic style is more suitable for use in the study or some nostalgic furniture.

3. After-sales service

When purchasing, you should carefully implement the warranty and installation services in the contract to avoid disputes in the future. Generally, the color stainless steel plate sellers on the market have a complete set of after-sales service, which can provide consumers with free installation, 3 to 5-year warranty and other services, while the warranty period manufacturers are responsible for free maintenance and replacement. Even after the warranty period, repairs will only be charged at the cost. However, some small-scale sellers have problems and disappear without a trace or have many excuses. Therefore, you should purchase carefully after carefully understanding the seller's after-sales service.

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