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Color stainless steel plate decoration, so beautiful!

by:Topson     2022-03-21

The color stainless steel decorative plate is a process of artistically processing the stainless steel surface by printing and etching the stainless steel surface by using the etching technology. In the later stage, the oil-plated stainless steel surface presents different patterns and textures, with obvious three-dimensional relief, which enhances the artistic appeal of the stainless steel plate.

Color stainless steel decorative checker plate has the following advantages: durable, wear-resistant, strong decorative effect, easy to clean, maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant, pressure-resistant, scratch-resistant, No fingerprints. Mainly used for architectural decoration, elevator decoration, countertops, kitchen countertops, etc. It also includes elevator decorative panels, engineering decorative panels, curtain wall decorative panels, color decorative panels and true decorative panels air spraying equipment, stainless steel surface treatment, stainless steel products, etc.

Since stainless steel has so many advantages, with the expansion of the application range, let us now talk about the basic precautions in the installation of color stainless steel decorative panels!

According to process requirements, installation purposes and cost requirements, there are many ways to install stainless steel formwork on the wall. The most common method is to directly fix the stainless steel template on the expansion bolts and drill holes on the wall with an impact drill, paste the stainless steel template with special glue, fix the stainless steel template on the foundation treatment, and install the frame. Then install the stainless steel formwork. This method should be more appropriate.

However, with the increased prevalence of architectural metalwork, it has become far more affordable.
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