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Color stainless steel mesh plate metal composite column

by:Topson     2022-07-29

The color stainless steel mesh metal decorative column is generally composed of a skeleton, a bottom plate and a decorative plate.

1. Skeleton exercises

There are two types of skeletons: wood and steel. The wooden structure skeleton is made of square wood, which is mainly used for pasting various colored stainless steel plate decoration materials. The steel structure frame adopts angle steel welding or screw connection. The structure is a decorative plate pasted with aluminum alloy plates. Taking the concrete square column wrapping column as an example, the method of the skeleton is briefly described: first, the vertical skeleton is positioned through the embedded parts, the horizontal and vertical skeletons are connected, the skeleton bracket and the column are fixed, and the diameter of the circular wrapping column needs to be determined.

2. Fixing the bottom plate

The function of the bottom plate is to increase the rigidity of the column frame and facilitate the laying of decorative panels. Generally made of plywood, wood or MDF, the bottom plate is directly fixed on the skeleton with iron screws or screws. The bottom plate must have a smooth surface and high dimensional accuracy to ensure the installation quality of the color stainless steel plate decoration, which has high requirements for the occasion of wrapping and pasting the column.

3. Color stainless steel decorative plate installation

In the installation and fixation of color stainless steel decorative materials, two methods of bonding and pinning are usually used, which are not suitable for welding, because the high temperature of welding will damage the color film on the surface, which will ultimately affect its appearance; especially, the color stainless steel mirror The surface of the panel is a mirror. If it is a single color, the welding will leave an indelible stain and lose the overall decorative effect; therefore, there are relatively few welding methods for decoration and application with this material. Among them, the bonding method is easy to operate and widely used. The nailing method is convenient and firm, but it will also affect the decorative surface. Regardless of the installation method, the sheet must be cut.

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