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Color stainless steel coloring method and introduction

by:Topson     2022-03-27

What are the coloring methods of color stainless steel plate? My practical work experience is summarized as follows:

(1) chemical oxidation coloring method;

(2) electrochemical oxidation coloring method;

(3) Ion deposition oxidation coloring method;

(4) High temperature oxidation coloring method;

(5) Vapor-phase cracking coloring method.

The overview of each method is as follows:

(1) Chemical oxidation coloring method: refers to the color of the film formed by chemical oxidation in a specific solution, including dichromate method, mixed Sodium salt method, sulfurization method, acid oxidation method, alkali oxidation method. Generally speaking, inco is used more frequently, but in order to ensure the same color of a batch of products, it must be controlled with a reference electrode.

(2) Electrochemical coloring is formed in a specific electrochemical solution.

(3) Ion deposition oxidation coloring chemical method: Put the stainless steel workpiece into a vacuum coating machine for vacuum evaporation. For example: titanium-plated case and strap, generally golden yellow. This method is suitable for mass production. Due to the large investment and high cost, small batches are not cost-effective.

(4) High temperature oxidation coloring method: In a specific molten salt, the workpiece is immersed in certain process parameters, so that the workpiece forms an oxide film with a certain thickness, showing a variety of colors.

(5) Gas-phase cracking coloring method: It is more complicated and has less industrial applications.

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