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clean stainless steel appliances with...flour? | huffpost life

by:Topson     2020-06-18
We love stainless steel appliances and accents very much.
The finish adds such a smooth look to any kitchen.
But we don\'t all like the fingerprints and stains that appear on this end.
So when the Mother Nature Network found a great chemical, we were very excited.
Free Way to Clean stainless steel and keep it beautiful.
1. Apply dry flour (
Such as baking flour)on a rag.
Next, put it in the sink, refrigerator or oven.
Then simply rinse it off and the surface should be shiny.
We are a big fan of retargeting ideas, and we like the idea that it is good for us and for the environment.
Also, this is a great way to make your kitchen shine without having to finish a big project from cleaning.
Click on our slides to see other unusual cleaning tips and head to the Mother Nature Network to learn more about the use of flour.
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