Classification selection and use advantages of stainless steel decorative color panels for home deco

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Classification selection and use advantages of stainless steel decorative color panels for home decoration

by:Topson     2022-03-30

In the process of decoration, we all know that stainless steel decorative color board is an indispensable decoration material. In the decoration process, stainless steel decorative color board will be used in many places. Stainless steel decorative color board can fully meet people's various needs in terms of aesthetics. Demand, although it is loved in large part because of its aesthetics, it has many other substantial benefits. The classification selection and use advantages of stainless steel decorative color plates for home decoration are introduced.

Classification of stainless steel decorative color plates: according to process 1. Electroplating: Through electrolysis, a layer of metal film is attached to the surface of metal or other materials. It can play the role of anti-corrosion, wear resistance, conductivity, reflectivity and aesthetics. 2. Water plating: The chemical reduction reaction is carried out in an aqueous solution by the reducing agent in the plating solution without relying on an external power supply. The process of continuously reducing metal ions on the autocatalytic surface to form a metal coating. 3. Fluorocarbon paint: refers to the process of paint with fluororesin as the main film-forming substance. 4. Spray paint: Use compressed air to spray the paint into a mist to reflect different colors on the stainless steel plate.

According to the surface 1, the color stainless steel mirror panel The mirror panel is also called 8k plate. The surface of the stainless steel plate is polished with abrasive liquid by polishing equipment, so that the brightness of the plate surface is clear like a mirror, and then electroplated and colored. 2. Colored stainless steel wire drawing board The wire drawing board is also known as the hairline, which is named after the line is slender and straight like the hair. The surface has a filamentous texture, which is a stainless steel machining process. The surface is matte, and the texture looks clear, but it can't be felt. It is more wear-resistant than ordinary bright stainless steel, and it looks more high-grade. The hairline board has various patterns, such as hairline, snowflake sand pattern, and pattern, cross pattern, cross pattern, etc. All patterns are processed by oil-throwing hairline machine and then electroplated and colored as required. 3. Colored stainless steel sandblasting plate The sandblasting plate is processed with zirconium beads on the surface of the stainless steel plate by mechanical equipment, so that the surface presents a fine bead-like sand surface and then electroplating and coloring, so that it has a unique decorative effect. 4. The color stainless steel composite process board combines polishing hairline, coating, etching and sandblasting on the same board surface for combined processing and then electroplating and coloring.

5. The colored stainless steel and the patterned plate look like the patterned (chaotic) plate from a distance. . The grinding head is irregularly oscillated up and down, left and right, and then electroplated and colored. Whether it is a patterned board or a brushed board, it is one of the frosted boards, because the surface state of the board is different, resulting in different statements. Advantages of stainless steel decorative color plate: 1. Low carbon environmental protection is its contribution. This is not a gimmick. It is for this reason that stainless steel decorative color plates can be widely used in many industries. Because its raw material is stainless steel, it has a long service life and is not easy to deform. Even when it is no longer used, it can be used. The waste of resources is reduced by recycling and reuse, which achieves the purpose of low carbon and environmental protection. 2. Stainless steel decorative color plates are often used as a raw material for thermal insulation. Adding some thermal insulation materials to the middle layer will become thermally insulated doors and windows, because stainless steel decorative color plates are not easy to occur. deformation, so it can ensure good thermal insulation performance. 3. The stainless steel decorative color plate is also very convenient to clean. Its surface is generally not easy to be contaminated with dust. Even if there is dust on the surface, as long as it is simply rinsed with water, and then wiped off with a rag, it can be guaranteed. Surface clean.

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