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Classification of stainless steel sheets and related issues

by:Topson     2022-09-12

Some of the stainless steel sheet products we have seen are as bright as a mirror, some are as dark as a mirror, some are hard to deform, and some are easy to break. It's all stainless steel Why are steel products so different? In fact, the characteristics of stainless steel products are determined by the characteristics of their sheet products. There are many stainless steel sheet grades on the market, and different sheets exhibit different characteristics. Next, I will take you to know different stainless steel sheets. As we all know, stainless steel plate has the characteristics of strong plasticity, corrosion resistance, no deformation, smooth surface, scratch resistance and so on. According to the rolling method, stainless steel sheets can be divided into two types: hot-rolled and non-hot-rolled stainless steel sheets and cold-rolled stainless steel sheets. These two kinds of stainless steel plates have both the common characteristics of stainless steel and their own characteristics. Cold rolled stainless steel sheet. Stainless steel sheet has the advantages of good ductility, ultra-thin sheet, high hardness and smooth surface. Disadvantages: high price, grey finish. Therefore, this stainless steel sheet is often used in the manufacture of automobiles and electrical appliances. Cold-rolled stainless steel sheet has stable performance and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the thinner the thickness, the colder the cold rolled stainless steel plate is often used for the packaging of canned food. Because of its natural appearance, this stainless steel sheet is off-white, so it is popular for general stainless steel household products not to use this cold rolled stainless steel sheet. The matte stainless products we see in Nissan Life are made from cold rolled stainless steel sheets. The hardware accessories on the market are stainless steel sheet products sold in stainless steel kitchen and bathroom products.

Hot rolled stainless steel sheet. This stainless steel plate has the advantages of good surface gloss, low price and good plasticity. Disadvantages: low hardness. This stainless steel plate is what I usually use to produce thick stainless steel plate. This stainless steel plate is generally used where thicker stainless steel is required. This stainless steel has better toughness, which is not easy to break. Therefore, it is often used as a raw material for furniture and building materials. The market price of this cold-rolled stainless steel sheet is about 8 yuan per kilogram. Such hot-rolled stainless steel sheets are often used in the production of hardware accessories. Stainless steel hardware made from this plate has good surface gloss and thickness now.

The above is the basic situation of the two stainless steel sheets. If stainless steel plates are used to produce precision instruments, it is recommended to use cold-rolled stainless steel plates with higher hardness and thickness accuracy. If the purchased stainless steel plate is used to produce large stainless steel products, it is recommended to choose hot-rolled stainless steel plate, because the thickness and toughness of this kind of plate are better grasped, and the price is also affordable.

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