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Classification and function of stainless steel wood grain board

by:Topson     2022-09-19

The process of stainless steel wood grain board is divided into many types, but the prices are different, but many people are not very clear about the process of stainless steel wood grain board. The classification process of stainless steel wood grain board and its function are as follows.

1. Electroplating process. In general, the stainless steel wood grain board produced by electroplating is black, and it must be noted that 304 electroplating color cannot be used. Because the color of 304 is unstable, it is easy to cause problems such as discoloration in future use and maintenance.

2. Electroplating - PVD vacuum plasma plating (sapphire, black, brown, seven colors, zirconium gold, bronze, bronze, rose, champagne gold, light green)

3. Etching series. The etching pattern can be seen in the picture. Stainless steel etching machines chemically etch various patterns on the surface of objects. Using 8K mirror panel or brushed plate as the base material, after etching treatment, the surface of the object is further processed, which can be processed through complex processes such as partial texture, wire drawing, gold inlay, partial titanium, etc., to achieve a bright and bright effect. Dark patterns and bright colors. Etched stainless steel includes various patterns of stainless steel etching. Available colors are: Titanium Black (Black Titanium), Sky Blue, Titanium Gold, Sapphire, Coffee, Brown, Purple, Bronze, Champagne Gold, Rose Gold, Fuchsia, Titanium White, Emerald Green, etc. Suitable for hotels, KTVs, large hotels and other places. Shopping centers, shopping centers, etc. entertainment venues, etc. It can also be customized according to customer drawings and requirements. But it tends to cost more to make. After all, the mold needs to be purchased separately.

4. The stainless steel wood grain board has undergone a series of mechanical processing to press the surface of the stainless steel wood grain board into an uneven pattern. Such a stainless steel board can be called a stainless steel embossed board, and its appearance has an artistic sense.

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